❤️ Meditation – touching the Divine

There are often ups and downs in our lives, success, failure, gain, loss, joy and disappointment, pain, suffering, chaos, confusion, insecurity. And no matter how much we strengthen our ego, develop our confidence and personal qualities, we still remain vulnerable and dependent on external circumstances, people, situations, and events.

But there is a place in us, deep inside us, where everything is fine, there we are independent and free, a place that is our true nature, a place where we are “at home.”

Hermann Hesse writes in Siddhartha:

Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself.”

And as one of my favourite authors, Deepak Chopra says:

“People need to know that they have all the tools within themselves. Self-awareness, which means awareness of their body, awareness of their mental space, awareness of their relationships – not only with each other but with life and the ecosystem.”

Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there – buried under the 50,000 thoughts. the average person thinks every day”.

There are many types of Meditation,

but everyone can find the one that is best for him. You don’t have to be a Tibetan monk or a Zen Buddhist to meditate. Everyone can meditate, and this is our most natural state.

I like Meditation, in which you just sit relaxed in the silence and focus on your breathing, or as it is said in Buddhism – you do not focus exactly but merge with your breathing. You pay attention to everything that happens to you – such as passing thoughts, desires, feelings, etc., but nothing is analyzed, evaluated, determined.

You don’t need to stop your thoughts or try to control your reactions. The mind is best directed by simply being released. We constantly have thoughts in our heads, and they flow constantly. The mind is like a naughty monkey jumping from branch to branch, and if you try to tame it, it will start jumping even faster. But in Meditation, when you just “observe” the passing thoughts … they subside, stop, and a “gap” appears between them.

Many authors claim that you should not think about anything during Meditation that you should stop your thoughts. But it is challenging, if not impossible, to consciously say to your thoughts, “STOP.”

Meditation is the art of focusing 100% on an area. Practicing it brings multiple health benefits, such as



There is a modern zen-koan:

Can you not think about anything without not thinking about it at all?

If you sit and think, “I don’t think about anything, my mind is empty,”… that’s thought again. So you shouldn’t try to stop your thoughts, and you shouldn’t think about it. It would help if you did not give any pompousness to the Meditation or expect too much from it. It will only hinder you. You just sit and watch … and let everything happen. Let it just be. If any thought arises – “do I do it right? “or some emotion appears, not to go into it and evaluate it, not to blame yourself, not to stop it, but to observe it … and then it flies away.

It is best to imagine that you are sitting and watching the sky – birds fly there- big and small, loud and quiet, clouds cross – white or black, turbulent or calm. But they fly back and forth, they come and go. They go, and the space remains calm and clean. Its peace and balance cannot be disturbed. Relax, and do not think whether your posture is correct. Get rid of any restrictions and any desire for control. If you try to follow some technology strictly, it will only strain you. Get rid of everything and don’t even think that you are relaxed or how Meditation should happen. Go beyond the limiting mind that is always trying to define. When you are calm, you will just feel. That is how the magic of Meditation happens.

“So whatever thoughts and emotions arise, allow them to rise and settle, like the waves in the ocean. Whatever you find yourself thinking, let that thought rise and settle, without any constraint. Don’t grasp at it, feed it, or indulge it; don’t cling to it, and don’t try to solidify it. Neither follow thoughts nor invite them; be like the ocean looking at its own waves, or the sky gazing down on the clouds that pass through it. You will soon find that thoughts are like the wind; they come and go. The secret to Meditation is not to “think” about thoughts, but to allow them to flow through the mind, while keeping your mind free of afterthoughts. “From Sogyal Rinpoche’s Tibetan Book of Life and Death


❤️ Meditation – a charger for the mind
The word and the concept of “meditation” are covered in a mystical halo. Well, today, we will

Thus, when you observe how reactions, thoughts, sensations appear and then disappear, you realize that everything IS and IS NOT. E. And that everything that happens in us is transient. Our reactions are triggered by some processes inside us, and we react knowledgable mechanically. Our consciousness is burdened by external influences, by our initial expectations and ideas, by our attitudes. But through Meditation, you go beyond that consciousness and reach our true nature, where we are detached from the outside world. Looking at things from this state, we understand that we can react to something in a new way and that everything that happens is a kind of game, an illusion, a temporary role.

In Meditation, we come out of this role and reach the Spirit within us. Some external event can never shake it. The Spirit is free from all the ego’s needs for approval, control, evaluation, determination. The Spirit inside us is always calm – as when there is excitement on the surface of the sea, but deep at the bottom, it is calm, and no storms can affect the peace.

In Meditation, you feel that the world is as it should be, that it is as it is. And it is not necessary to fight it, evaluate it, and complain, but to ACCEPT it. We don’t have to control the world because uncertainty is part of evolution, of change. But we can simply see the world as it is, without labeling it, without interpreting it, looking at it with clear eyes, without distorting the view through the prism of our burdened ego.

The place we reach during Meditation is the only place where we can find peace, get the Wisdom, the Power, the Love, the Freedom, and the Joy within us. Through Meditation, we can reach insights, decisions, inspiring ideas, peace, and balance. Because then we are free from everything because we have got “home.”

And a final words of wisdom by Steve Jobs:
“If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there’s room to hear more subtle things – that’s when your intuition starts to blossom, and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before.”

the real luxury

❤️ The real luxury is to live the way you like

Luxury is not for cowards; it is not makeup; it is not going to restaurants or any particular dressing style.

The real luxury is to live the way you like.

With comfortable pants. In comfortable shoes. With the color of lipstick that suits you, or no lipstick at all. To have food that is delicious to you, friends with whom you are comfortable, to be together because of love, not out of a sense of duty.

Learn to give up the unnecessary,

what is obsolete and worn out. And take care of what you like. My friend’s 5-year-old daughter has been visiting us with her favorite spoon all her little life. She can afford to eat with the utensils she likes. Her mother gets annoyed every time and tries to justify herself. I started taking picnic utensils with me because I’m not particularly eager to eat in plastic. And I don’t care what others think about it.

Luxury living should not be “deserved.”

It’s about the fact that whatever item of choice is worthy for you. The cup given to you by your sister. Dad’s T-shirt, which is so cozy to sleep in. Cake made by your Mom’s recipe. The kiss of a loved one. Exciting books. Great movies. Your favorite songs. Clean bed linen. Tidy apartment. Life of your choice!

Meditation is the art of focusing 100% on an area. Practicing it brings multiple health benefits, such as
It is a luxury not to punish yourself when something goes wrong.

Socks can tear. The cake may not be tasty. Friends may not want to watch your favorite movie with you. The person you love can leave. You might not get a deserved promotion. Anything can happen. If something doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t affect your value. It just means that not everything is going the way you want it to now.

It is a luxury to choose how to live.

Sew torn socks or buy new ones. Throw away the cake and order sushi, or try to make it again. Watch the movie alone or go for a coffee with friends. Let go or fight! Look for a new job or reconsider your old goals.

It is a luxury to live by your own rules.

Move towards your goals. Don’t apologize. Don’t be in your comfort zone. Do not justify your choices, your dreams, your interests.

Say, “I deserve something much better.” And then, “I can do it.

❤️One does not get energy from food and sleep but from joy
Dr. Hinohara’s advice for longevity and fulfilling life: Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara is one of those to
meditation for beginners


Meditation for beginners aims to provide easy meditation tips to your daily practice.. Meditation is the art of focusing 100% on an area. Practicing it brings multiple health benefits, such as increased concentration, reduced anxiety, and an overall sense of happiness.

Although many have tried meditation at some point in their lives, only a few continue this practice in the long run. It is unfortunate, and the probable reason is that most beginners do not start with the necessary setting to turn meditation into a sustainable, useful practice. So use this meditation guide for beginners in order to start your journey into meditation.

The purpose of this article is to provide 20 practical meditation tips to help beginners overcome initial difficulties and make meditation a part of their daily routine

Meditation for beginners
20 meditation tips for beginners:

  1. Make meditation a regular practice. The only way to go to the next level in meditation is to set a time to be alone and calm (1 or 2 times a day).
  2. meditation for beginners Start breathing. Deep breathing slows the pulse, relaxes the muscles, focuses the mind, and is ideal for starting your meditation practice.
  3. Stretch first. Stretching relaxes muscles and ligaments by allowing you to sit (or lie down) more comfortably. Also, stretching initiates the process of “traveling inward” and further draws attention to the body.
  4. Meditate on purpose. Beginners need to understand that meditation is an ACTIVE process. The art of focusing on a specific point is a difficult task, and therefore you need to be more focused!
  5. Notice when the feeling of helplessness creeps into you. And accept it! This is quite common among beginners, and they begin to ask, “Hey, what am I doing here?” Or “Why can’t I calm my damn mind yet?” When this happens, just focus on your breathing and release the feeling of helplessness. Give your thoughts a right to exist and just watch them instead of getting angry at them. Acceptance is the most direct path to any success!
  6. Experiment. Although many of us imagine real meditation as sitting in the Lotus position under a tree, beginners need to experiment more and try different meditation types. Try sitting, lying down, with eyes open or closed, etc. There are no hard and fast rules here. The important thing is to befriend the process!
  7. Feel all parts of your body. It is an excellent practice for beginners to pay attention to their bodies when the meditative state begins to envelop them. Once the mind has calmed down, focus all your attention on the feet, and slowly move up the body (including the internal organs). This is very healthy and shows that you are on the right track.
  8. Choose a specific room in your home where you can meditate. It is best if it is different from the room where you work, play sports, or sleep. Place candles and other spiritual items to help you relax. If that’s still not possible … set aside just a corner to charge with that energy. There is always a way. Don’t let circumstances stop you.
  9. Read a book (or two) about meditation. For some of you, it may be helpful to read an instruction manual or a book that talks about the meaning of deep meditation. This will motivate you.
  10. Commit to the long term. Meditation is a lifelong practice, and you will benefit most if you do NOT measure the results daily. Just do the best you can every day and then get rid of the thought.
  11. Listen to meditations online, meditation discs, or visit a place where someone guides you through the process. This is the fastest way to feel the experience!
  12. Create moments of awareness during the day. Feel your breathing and be “present here and now” – even when you are not in your meditation time. This is a great way to improve your meditation habits and relax your mind.
  13. Make sure you are not disturbed. One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is not providing suitable conditions for meditation. If you constantly think that the phone may ring, the kids may wake up, or the kettle may blow, you will not achieve a state of deep relaxation.
    ❤️ Meditation – touching the Divine
    There are often ups and downs in our lives, success, failure, gain, loss, joy and disappointment, pain,
  14. Notice the small signs of adjustment. For beginners, even the slightest physical movement can turn meditation from disturbing to refreshing. These signs of adjustment could go almost unnoticed by a bystander, but they can be extremely important to your practice. Notice your every progress and every response of the body, and be grateful for them!
  15. Use a candle. Closed-eye meditation could be a big challenge for a beginner. Lighting a candle and using it as a focal point will allow you to increase your attention with the help of a visual sign. This can be very powerful.
  16. DO NOT stress out. This is probably the most important piece of advice for beginners, but it is the most difficult to follow. Whatever happens during your meditation, don’t worry about it. You may feel nervous before meditation or angry after it. Meditation is what it is, and just do the best you can at the moment. These reactions are part of the cleansing process, and just try to accept them with gratitude!
  17. Make it together. Meditating with a loved one can have many excellent benefits and improve your practice. Still – it is advisable to agree on some basic rules before you start so that there is no unnecessary stress.
  18. Meditate early in the morning. Undoubtedly, the early morning is the ideal time to practice: it is quieter, your mind is not full of everyday problems, and the chance of being disturbed is less. Make it a habit to get up half an hour early to meditate.
  19. Finally, be grateful. After you finish the practice, take 2-3 minutes to thank for the opportunity to meditate, focus, and relax your mind. Thanks to this tool that helps you find and love yourself.
  20. Notice when your interest in meditation begins to wane. Meditation is a difficult task, and you will undoubtedly reach a point where it will no longer fit into your overall picture. THIS is when you need your practice the most, and it is advisable to then return to the practice or even intensify it. Usually, the fact that you lose your ability to focus on meditation is related to your inability to focus on other areas of your life!

meditation guide for beginners, meditation tips Meditation is a beautiful practice, but it can be challenging at first. Use the meditation tips described in this article to go to the next level and reap a new sense of life and inner peace!


Is meditation for anxiety working? Yes, basically every meditative practice will help diminishing anxiety and stress in your daily life, especially if you add it in your daily arsenal of tools. 



❤️ 3 principles of sleep programming

At the beginning of the last century, the French psychologist and pharmacist Emile Coue amazed his colleagues with the exceptional results he achieved with his patients and made sensational and revolutionary discoveries helping thousands of people heal faster and more successfully with a simple formula. He made them repeat in their mind twice daily: immediately after waking and in before going to sleep for 2-3 minutes following statement:

“Every day I get better and better.”

The brain has unique abilities. However, it can become a powerful tool for improving all areas of life if only we know how to use its resources.

Very few people know that the most crucial moment for planting new ideas in our brain is just before going to sleep. Shortly before, our brain changes its wave frequencies. And this particular moment is exactly


What we think in these 5 minutes, just before we go to sleep, is what the brain will use as mental food for the night. Then the brain switches between alpha and theta frequencies. And those are the frequencies whose impulses and waves literally have the power to conceive and create realities. In this brain mode, the body is relaxed, but the mind is powerfully creative.

Meditation is the art of focusing 100% on an area. Practicing it brings multiple health benefits, such as

Precisely that is the brain’s function that Emil Cue used to help his patients heal and recover surprisingly quickly.

How to make this knowledge work to create our dream health and life?

It turns out that it is crucial what we think just before going to sleep. Now think about what do you think before you go to sleep?

More than 90% of people recreate in their minds the not-so-pleasant things that have happened during the day or are worried about the things that are to come tomorrow. However, the big irony is that most people turn in their heads the unpleasant moments of the past day, and that’s how they go to sleep.

And on the way you get to sleep depends:

  • how will you feel tomorrow
  • will your sleep be peaceful
  • will you have energy
  • will you be in the mood
  • will you wake up fresh and rested
  • will you be able to work better the next day
  • will you be able to cope with the challenges, etc.
What are my three bedtime programming principles?

I have experimented with and improved these three principles during the years. These time tested sleep programming principles have helped thousands of people. And now I have the pleasure of sharing them with you:

❤️ 26 Japanese pearls of wisdom that will banish the misfortune from your life
The Japanese are known for their diligence, patience, love of beauty and order, and wisdom. Today we have
1. Give a farewell to the day with a big Thank you!

Give your gratitude for all the good things you felt during the day. It could be just a smile you git from that passerby. Or the nice word from the shop assistant. Shared moments with your friends. The Lovely view. The pleasant attitude of your colleague. Friendly hand. An inspiring thought. Gentle care. A hug. The positive energy you have received or sent. Undoubtedly, pleasant and not so pleasant things happen on the day of each of us.

The question is, which will you chose to get in your sleep?

sleep programming

Which ones will you bring to your mind just before you fall asleep? What will be the fuel and food for your brain for the night? And for the next day? Following some practice, you will need just a minute to change your thoughts for the night, and it will help you immerse in magical feelings. The “Thank you” practice will also prepare your vibrations for the next phase. Because going to sleep is a process.

2. Mentally go through the next day and visualize it successful.

You don’t even have to imagine specific things. Just see tomorrow successful, satisfying, calm. You can see yourself waking up tomorrow rested, fresh, in a great mood. See yourself going through the main parts of the day in joy and happiness and by the energy of wisdom. Imagine all things are happening in the best possible way. That practice will program your next day.

3. Meditation. The best way to program,

even after you have fallen asleep. When you are asleep, the ear continues to perceive and the brain to process. I encourage you to use guided meditation before going to sleep. Even when you are asleep, the meditation will continue to implant affirmations, formulas, visualizations, and deep inner beliefs. Which, in turn, will shape your reality afterward.

These three principles are precious if you use them in the above sequence.

Each principle prepares a vibrating foundation for the next. They do not require additional time from your side. They all happen when you are in the zone between waking and sleeping anyway. In time, you will observe that you are going to bed with more and more delightful anticipation. The moments in bed will become your favorite moment. You will fall asleep in powerful vibrations, and you will wake up fresh and in a good mood.

The last 5 minutes before you go to sleep.

Such valuable knowledge of which so much depends—worth a try. The results will be fantastic and will significantly change yourself and everything in your life. You will feel the effects as a MIRACLE, but in fact, it is just pure science. Why not use scientific knowledge to make our lives more beautiful and meaningful!

Life is Wonderful… YOU are Wonderful!

Milena Goleva


benefits of meditation

❤️ What will happen when you start meditating or benefits of meditation

Meditation is not some obscene practice, but a superficial, deep connection with your inner self. It helps you tap into the unused potential of your mind and become the being you have always wanted to be.

There are many types of meditation, but the purpose of this article is to show you what are the astonishing benefits of meditation for your body, mind, and soul.

What will happen to you when you start meditating for just 20 minutes daily for three weeks?

Benefits of meditation for your Health:
  • Beneficial effect on all systems in the human body – endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous, excretory, circulatory, respiratory, etc.;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Increases energy;
  • Corrects high blood pressure and normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Improves the quality of breathing;
  • Ensures longevity;
  • Improved functioning of all bodies;
  • Increases the body’s energy supply;
  • Improves sleep;
  • Makes sleep calm and fulfilling and deeply restorative;
  • Calms the whole nervous system;
  • Provides quality prevention for a healthy body and mind;
Benefits of meditation for your emotional Well-Being:
  • Provides harmony in everyday life;
  • Enhances the feeling of peace and happiness;
  • Reduces anxiety, worry, fears;
  • Decreases the level of stress;
  • Provides inner balance;
  • Relieves and relieves depression;
  • Increases self-esteem and acceptance of ourselves as we are;
  • Increases optimism, self-confidence, and awareness;
  • Improves social communication;
  • Raises mood and emotional intelligence;
  • Satisfaction from the day;
Meditation is the art of focusing 100% on an area. Practicing it brings multiple health benefits, such as
Benefits of meditation for your Mental Well-being:
  • Enhances the ability to focus and the power of the mind;
  • Heightens memory;
  • Build positive thought patterns;
  • Meditation attracts positive events in life ;
  • Develops creativity and the ability to learn;
  • Improves the cognitive and creative abilities of the mind;
  • Helps solve problems and make decisions;
  • Less distracted and distracted;
  • Improves mental activity;
❤️ Meditation – a charger for the mind
The word and the concept of “meditation” are covered in a mystical halo. Well, today, we will

Were you convinced already? Dedicate 20 minutes for you for the next three weeks and see how meditation will serve you too!

Enjoy your meditation practice! Life is wonderful!
what is meditation?

❤️ Meditation – a charger for the mind

The word and the concept of “meditation” are covered in a mystical halo.

Well, today, we will demystify it. There is an opinion that we must be very spiritual, follow specific rules, or be “special” to meditate.In fact, meditation is the simplest possible, completely free, and accessible method of relaxing the mind at any time.It depends only on the individual. It is a personal and intimate exercise of the mind, leading to a reduction of stress, anxiety, a change in worldview, and, above all, to self-knowledge. Meditation is a charger for the mind.

Imagine that you are a brilliant machine(which you are!)

And here’s an example: when you buy a new appliance, you must first read the user manual to use it properly. It is the same with the human body – with ourselves and our inner world. Meditation is a sort of User Manual for our human machine. Therefore, since ancient times, meditation has existed as the most powerful tool a person can use to explore his inner world. We humans have senses which help us acquaint ourselves with our inner world. And meditation is precisely the exercise that teaches us the ways of our human being.

Many are asking “what is meditation“? Today we will demystify the image of the meditation by answering the opposite one: What meditation is not?

  1. Meditation is not a religious practice

Meditation is an ancient practice, and it does not place restrictions in terms of religion, nation, or faith. The word “meditation” has Latin origins (Latin meditatio) and means a practice that trains the mind. Initially, meditation was understood as both mental and physical exercises, and later the word started associating it only with the cognitive meaning – contemplation, peace, and mental relaxation.

  1. Meditation does not mean fixation or concentration

The main results of the regular practice of meditation are the strengthening of memory and the ability to concentrate. During meditation, the mind is at rest, which means that then the brain is truly rested, leading to better concentration.

  1. You don’t have to practice yoga to meditate

As we have specified, meditation is an exercise of the mind that has nothing to do with whether you practice yoga or not. The confusion comes from the fact that the most preferred posture for meditation is the “lotus” yoga pose and that usually everyone who meditates starts performing yogic exercises and asanas. They help with meditation but are not required. Conversely, practicing yoga does not mean that you must meditate.

  1. Meditation is not hypnosis

It is just the opposite – meditation is a full awareness of every moment and every part of our body. It frees us from the emotions we feel. It enables us to accept people and situations as they are and to take impartial and conscious action. It protects us from digging into the past and worrying about the future. Both are non-existent at the moment, and instead, meditation allows us to focus on the current moment – here and now.

  1. Meditation will not interfere with your modern lifestyle

People mistakenly believe that meditation will make them hermits or force them to renounce the physical. No! It will only help you feel calmer and better able to cope with life’s difficulties. It will merely become the favorite charger for your mind.

Meditation is the charger for the mind.

Too often, people who meditate, find that they are no longer as angry as they used to be, that they are calmer and more aligned in their actions.

It is not surprising then that even in the world’s Mecca of financial transactions – The Wall Street – meditation has long been a preferred tool for dealing with stress and capturing financial peaks.

Probably for those of you who have not yet tried meditation, the question arises: How can I? It’s easy! Let’s try meditation!


❤️ How to cure every disease with the power of consciousness and thought – Master Peter Deunov

If people would concentrate their minds on a certain point,

they would melt what is there. The rock would melt from the energy radiated by the human brain. People, if they know how, can concentrate all sorrows and diseases by concentrating their thoughts.

In a healthy state, the body has some vibrations.

Different diseases have different vibrations, but each disease speaks of reduced vibrations. The temperature must rise. This is done by uttering special thoughts and formulas, which a person, by uttering and bringing into his body, changes the vibrations. This is achieved by looking at beautiful paintings, landscapes. The starry sky can also serve as a cure.

Every word has a certain power.

If you focus on a word, your brain will connect with the power that is invested in it, and you will experience encouragement or fatigue according to the nature of the word. Some words, once told, cannot be said a second time. Why? They have a detrimental effect on the human brain. For example, if you say the words several times: I will get sick, a person will experience their bad effect on his body, and it will not take long – he may get sick. Conversely, if a person with tuberculosis repeats the words several times a day: I will recover, he will really recover.

One can heal through thought.

The stronger and more focused a person’s thoughts are, the easier it is to cure a certain disease. It is enough to say one word to heal. Some words work magic on a person. He must also know when to say the word. Everything must happen in its place and time.

Diseases are due to the accumulation of foreign substances, but through thought and will, a person can throw them out of his body and heal. The more sublime the thought, the greater the possibilities.

Strong thought is the way to cure every disease

The Kabbalist clarifies healing through thought as follows: thought can modify the vibrations of the human body. When a person becomes ill, these vibrations decrease; he can turn them from lower to higher with thought power. For example, colds are caused by a special type of germ that enters the nose, and if the vibrations are reduced, they find conditions to multiply. As they multiply, they irritate the mucous membrane of the nose. To eliminate this irritation, the nasal glands start to secrete abundant fluid, which expels them outside.

Human thought is connected with the vital electricity in life.

When thoughts are positive, they attract life forces to themselves; when thoughts are negative, these life forces dissipate, move away from the person, resulting in disease.

Mind, body and… health! How to heal with the power of the mind?

You can send your positive thoughts, your warm feelings, and wishes to someone sick with absolute faith, without any hesitation and doubt, and it will heal him. So, for a person to be healthy, you have to send a current of life to him. He will accept your thought and wish and feel better. In this respect, good friends are a good fence for health, and bad friends always bring disease and suffering.

When the will is involved, you can heal yourself.

With the power of your will, you can stay out in the cold for hours dressed in thin clothes without catching a cold. Mentally, one can make a warm, magnetic garment that will not tremble even in the coldest weather. Without such a garment, without the will’s participation, no matter how well dressed, one can still feel cold and catch a cold.

If someone gets rheumatism, he needs to grab it(rheumatism),

shake it a little and start talking to him,

that he had lost his way and need to left his body. If the rheumatism is embedded somewhere in the shoulder, he should direct it to his elbow, then to the fingers of his hand until he pulls it out. Diseases are treated not only with drugs but also with thought.

Thought can drive any disease out of the human body. The power of thought is powerful.

If any of you suffer from fever, let him put in the thought that he wants to heal, to dedicate his life to the realization of a good, great deed. Soon the thought begins to work in him, and the fever will pass. If the idea gives him a good result and he recovers, it shows that it worked. Every idea, every virtue that can be realized, first improves human health.

Hindus have the following way to heal their wounds: they collect prana from nature, and with the help of their thought, they direct this prana to the sick place, which heals in a maximum 20 minutes.

While you live in a world of contradictions, you need to know

that you are under the influence of the law of suggestion. No mortal, even immortal, is free from this law. With this in mind, you will always keep positive thoughts and feelings in your mind if you want to get rid of many painful conditions that are not yours. If you contact someone who suffers from a leg, you will experience the same pain.

There are days and hours when the suggestion has a detrimental effect on the person. Then neither he nor the others should suggest to him. In such moments, one must protect oneself from suggestion, just as the military encloses itself from its enemies with a fortress.

A tumor appeared in the abdomen or elsewhere.

Do not be afraid; this shows that excess energy has accumulated in one place, which must go somewhere outside. You will stimulate some of the healthy cells around to expel this energy; the thought will be strong, focused, and you will come to the natural state. If there is no other way out, surgery can eliminate the disease. But with strong, concentrated thought, a tumor can go away on its own. By suggestion, you can make even the healthiest person sick. By suggestion, you can get any tumor out of the body in 24 hours. You can get a tumor out in three days by putting the patient in magnetic sleep. By suggestion, any tumor can be removed; it all depends on the thought.

If you have a runny nose, think about health. Repeat the thought often: I am healthy,

and soon the cold will leave you. The healthy often think about the disease and are attracted to it. Do the exact opposite, think about health to attract and strengthen it, and eliminate the disease. The rational, the good, the great in man can fight the microbes that cause disease.

Apply good and positive words and thoughts as formulas,

with which you can influence yourself.

How are TB patients treated today? They put them on the bed so that they do not move left or right. They feed them in a special way and nothing more. No, let the patient go free. If he wants to lie down- let him lie down; if he wants to walk, leave him to walk, but

He has to say many times a day the words: I will be healed,

gradually increasing to 1000-2000 times a day. The first day to pronounce these words 100 times, the second 120 times, the third day 150 times, etc., until it reaches 1000 or 2000 times. That is how any disease, any discouragement, can be treated. This way, the heavy, dark atmosphere around the patient brightens up, becomes bright, pleasant, and he feels better and better day by day.

Who is Peter Dounov:
Peter DEUNOV/Dounoff/ (/ˈdʌnɒv/ DUN-əv; Bulgarian: Петър Дънов ˈpɛtɐr ˈdɤnof; (July 12, 1864 – December 27, 1944), also known by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno (Bulgarian: Беинса Дуно bɛinˈsа doˈnɔ), and often called the Master by his followers, was a Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher who developed a form of Esoteric Christianity, known as the Universal White Brotherhood. He is widely known in Bulgaria, where he was voted second by the public in the Great Bulgarians TV show on Bulgarian National Television (2006-2007).1 Dunoff is also featured in Pantev and Gavrilov’s The 100 Most Influential Bulgarians in Our History(ranked in 37th place).2 According to Petrov, Peter Deunov is “the most published Bulgarian author to this day.”3


cleaning the bad energy with salt

❤️ How to purify the energy in your home

Home is a significant part of ourselves.

Its energy and physical cleanliness are vital to the way we feel about ourselves. Just the way our physical body has an aura or energy envelope, our home also has its aura or energy envelope, even if we don’t realize it. Undoubtedly home is the place where we spend a lot of time. Often in the hustle of our daily lives, we think the opposite. It seems to us that we have almost no time left to be at home. But if we think about it: how many hours we spend sleeping, the time in the morning (before we go out), the time in the evening (after we get home), the weekends. In fact, a significant part of our time is in this sacred space, which we call HOME!

We are constantly connected to our home.

Even when we are outside it, an invisible thread connects us. And even when we are away from home, it affects us much more than we can imagine. For these reasons, it is crucial to know how to take care of the invisible aspects of our place. It is good to keep your home clean, both physically and energetically. The energy mustn’t be blocked or be in the low frequency,

but it has to flow freely and harmoniously.

Every object that we bring into our home participates in the construction of the home’s energy structure. It is essential to look around us. Are there objects and things in it that you don’t like, which aren’t so dear to you, but you keep them because, for example, they were given to you by a close person or have sentimental value. Is there anything that “tingles” you? Don’t hesitate! Take it away! Give it away!

One man’s trash can become a priceless gift for another!

Suppose there are objects cracked, injured, with broken parts, non-working appliances, or clothes/items you have not used for years. Get rid of them! They hold and block the energy in your home.

The following technique for cleaning the bad energy from your home is easy to apply and extremely effective, and will let the Light into your home.

What do you need to do?

Get coarse sea salt. From ancient times, salt was considered a sacred and very powerful remedy. These sacred crystals have the enormous power of a sponge. They absorb low-frequency energy and thus purify the home.

Where and how to place the salt?

Get small saucers. Put a pile of coarse sea salt in them. You can also just put it on a piece of paper. Place one such plate after dusk in every corner of your home or every corner of the room.

Corners are the places where energy is blocked and stagnant.

If there is furniture or an object in the corresponding corner, place the salt as close as possible. Let the salt stay in the corners all night, and at dawn, throw it into the toilet and silently say to yourself: Let this salt flush all the negative influences and energies from my home. Let my home be clean, full of light, and bright thoughts.

After these words, let the water flush away the salt.

How many times should I do it?

I would recommend that you do this cleansing three consecutive evenings. Use new salt each time. You can reduce the amount of salt each day.

You will quickly note how your home is being improved after each cleansing cycle. On the first day, the salt will “catch” the coarser low energies. With each successive cycle, the salt will purify the space more and more.

Can I use the same salt twice?

Absolutely NOT! Used salt is “contaminated” and has already absorbed negative energy. It is not acceptable to put it back in the house. It should be discarded in water and not used again for any other purpose.

Your energy body connects with the energy body of your home.

They influence each other and communicate energy. Along with purifying your home, you will also feel lighter, fresher, cleaned. More things will work out for you; your thoughts will improve; your soul will be uplifted!

Life is wonderful!


❤️ Mind, body, HEALTH! How to heal using the power of the mind?

Mind, body, and health! What is the connection between them and

HOW to start and strengthen the healing process in the body with the power of the mind?

If you realize that you have the power to create your reality, materialize a parking space, attract a soulmate into your life, become a better version of yourself, etc. Why then do you somehow separate your physical body from your ability to create matter?

Thoughts are a phenomenally powerful tool.

Thoughts create reality. And that body and health are also a project of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Most people associate health and a healthy body with what you eat. But they miss an essential aspect. What is it that feeds your mind? What do you think, say, feel, believe? You eat several times a day.

But your body and cells are under the influence of your thoughts,

feelings and deep inner convictions 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And this cannot be ruled out. Just as food can be toxic to your body, so your negative thoughts can be toxic to your cells. Now think that in front of you is the most beneficial food, fresh and healthy salad or the dish that is valuable and tasty for you. You sit down to eat, but you are angry, bitter, resentful, irritated, or just sour. What food will you actually eat?

And wouldn’t even the most delicious and healthy salad turn into poison because of the emotional state you are in?

We often say to ourselves the line “Health is in the head”, but are we deeply aware of this responsibility.

We’ve all heard of miracles that happened to people,

Who were cured of incurable diseases and then lived happily ever after.

Your mind has the mighty power to heal, but unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

Self-healing is actually the mind-body relationship – the way your thoughts, emotions, and deep inner beliefs change the biochemistry in our body.

When we feel bad, when we allow ourselves to be subjected to stress for a long time without neutralizing it with rest and the right way of eating, movement, and thought. When we are in a state of burnout or depression. When we experience resentment, fears, sadness, and remain under these emotional states’ influence for a long time, then our body reacts on a physical level.

Whatever you emit yourself, the same you will receive.

Or in the language of the universe. You can’t always think, talk, vibrate on the illness frequency, and expect to get healthy.

If you want health, you need to find a way to tune in to the frequencies of health.

If you want health, think about health, talk about health, look for a feeling of health in your cells. And what you radiate, you will attract more from it.

When they found a lump in my body years ago, the doctor told me to have surgery right away. I asked him to give me a month to do the best I could.

When I returned a month later for an x-ray, there was no sign of the formation.

Only then I dedicated a month to myself on my thoughts and emotions. I stopped

  • Watching TV,

  • Irradiating myself voluntarily with negative information,

  • Dealing with others,

  • Taking offense.

I stopped talking about the disease.

I started looking for thoughts of health. In other words, I set out on a very useful journey inside me. I realized that the disease’s physical manifestation begins somewhere in my thoughts and attitudes or begins with disharmony within us.

When the disease appears, it does not come to punish us and break us.

It initially comes in a light form – to warn us. It is like a car light that appears when the fuel is running low. There is more fuel, but it is decreasing. What is the disease? It comes to warn us that the body’s energy fuel is starting to run out, and it’s time to restore our energy balance, release the accumulated stress and work on the emotions we allow in ourselves.

I believe that the people of the future will be healed only by the power of thought.

And when they go to a specialist, he will first inquire about their emotional state and then prescribe meditation, according to the emotional blockages that need to be mastered, for health begins in thoughts and emotions.

Accept the disease as an opportunity for transformation,

as it really is. It is a strong motivator for realizing the enormous power you possess within. The power to be the author of your life. It all starts from the inside out. Healing begins inside of you! You have all the strength to begin changing your health.




Bedtime ritual

❤️ Bedtime ritual for health and peaceful sleep

Waking up happy and having a great, productive day depends on the quality of your sleep. 

Being full of energy, and feeling good also depends on getting that excellent sleep. I often share this easy recipe because I know how beneficial it is, and I believe that simple things usually work best, well, if you make them a habit.

I share it with you.

You will immediately feel its continual benefits of this wonderful bedtime ritual. In the evening, just before bedtime, get some honey. I will write the recipe at the end.

What are the benefits of honey in this bedtime ritual?

They are in several directions: Collected from the pollen of flowers and herbs, honey has been a unique medicine since ancient times. Honey is a superfood and a super medicine.

Honey is a natural relaxant and has a calming effect.

Especially before bed. In the evening, however, it is recommended to dissolve it in water. This protects the stomach.

  • It has antibacterial and antiviral action
  • Activates metabolism and improves intestinal flora
  • And why do I call it a ritual?

Well, because I’m adding something very important to this honey elixir. Minutes of calm before going to bed, in which, while drinking the honey magic, I remember with Gratitude all the good things that I had the privilege to experience today. So every night I insist that my mind search and dig in its files for the good moments of the day. Even the smallest things. By doing that, I train my mind to search for the happy, important thoughts in my brain.

The recipe:

Half a teaspoon of honey is dissolved in half a cup of warm water. It is essential that the water is not cold, because honey will not dissolve or hot because honey’s useful ingredients can be destroyed above 35-40 degrees Celsius. I recommend that the water should not be more than half a glass, because in the evening after 7 pm it is not good to drink large amounts of fluids.
Another important thing: after drinking the honey water, lightly rinse your mouth with water, or it is best to brush your teeth.
And of course, then I go to bed with gentle and relaxing guided meditation. So with pleasure and gradually, I go to sleep with beautiful thoughts and a relaxed body.
You will feel the calming effect very quickly from the honey water combined with the beneficial vibrations of Gratitude.
Especially after a busy day, a glass of such a honey elixir will help you fall asleep peacefully and provide you with a night of quality sleep. And in the new day to come, you will be ready and full of energy to accept the miracles that are awaiting you.

I hope you have many days and nights full of sweetness and honey!