❤️ 3 principles of sleep programming

Milena Goleva

At the beginning of the last century, the French psychologist and pharmacist Emile Coue amazed his colleagues with the exceptional results he achieved with his patients and made sensational and revolutionary discoveries helping thousands of people heal faster and more successfully with a simple formula. He made them repeat in their mind twice daily: immediately after waking and in before going to sleep for 2-3 minutes following statement:

“Every day I get better and better.”

The brain has unique abilities. However, it can become a powerful tool for improving all areas of life if only we know how to use its resources.

Very few people know that the most crucial moment for planting new ideas in our brain is just before going to sleep. Shortly before, our brain changes its wave frequencies. And this particular moment is exactly


What we think in these 5 minutes, just before we go to sleep, is what the brain will use as mental food for the night. Then the brain switches between alpha and theta frequencies. And those are the frequencies whose impulses and waves literally have the power to conceive and create realities. In this brain mode, the body is relaxed, but the mind is powerfully creative.

Meditation is the art of focusing 100% on an area. Practicing it brings multiple health benefits, such as

Precisely that is the brain’s function that Emil Cue used to help his patients heal and recover surprisingly quickly.

How to make this knowledge work to create our dream health and life?

It turns out that it is crucial what we think just before going to sleep. Now think about what do you think before you go to sleep?

More than 90% of people recreate in their minds the not-so-pleasant things that have happened during the day or are worried about the things that are to come tomorrow. However, the big irony is that most people turn in their heads the unpleasant moments of the past day, and that’s how they go to sleep.

And on the way you get to sleep depends:

  • how will you feel tomorrow
  • will your sleep be peaceful
  • will you have energy
  • will you be in the mood
  • will you wake up fresh and rested
  • will you be able to work better the next day
  • will you be able to cope with the challenges, etc.
What are my three bedtime programming principles?

I have experimented with and improved these three principles during the years. These time tested sleep programming principles have helped thousands of people. And now I have the pleasure of sharing them with you:

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1. Give a farewell to the day with a big Thank you!

Give your gratitude for all the good things you felt during the day. It could be just a smile you git from that passerby. Or the nice word from the shop assistant. Shared moments with your friends. The Lovely view. The pleasant attitude of your colleague. Friendly hand. An inspiring thought. Gentle care. A hug. The positive energy you have received or sent. Undoubtedly, pleasant and not so pleasant things happen on the day of each of us.

The question is, which will you chose to get in your sleep?

sleep programming

Which ones will you bring to your mind just before you fall asleep? What will be the fuel and food for your brain for the night? And for the next day? Following some practice, you will need just a minute to change your thoughts for the night, and it will help you immerse in magical feelings. The “Thank you” practice will also prepare your vibrations for the next phase. Because going to sleep is a process.

2. Mentally go through the next day and visualize it successful.

You don’t even have to imagine specific things. Just see tomorrow successful, satisfying, calm. You can see yourself waking up tomorrow rested, fresh, in a great mood. See yourself going through the main parts of the day in joy and happiness and by the energy of wisdom. Imagine all things are happening in the best possible way. That practice will program your next day.

3. Meditation. The best way to program,

even after you have fallen asleep. When you are asleep, the ear continues to perceive and the brain to process. I encourage you to use guided meditation before going to sleep. Even when you are asleep, the meditation will continue to implant affirmations, formulas, visualizations, and deep inner beliefs. Which, in turn, will shape your reality afterward.

These three principles are precious if you use them in the above sequence.

Each principle prepares a vibrating foundation for the next. They do not require additional time from your side. They all happen when you are in the zone between waking and sleeping anyway. In time, you will observe that you are going to bed with more and more delightful anticipation. The moments in bed will become your favorite moment. You will fall asleep in powerful vibrations, and you will wake up fresh and in a good mood.

The last 5 minutes before you go to sleep.

Such valuable knowledge of which so much depends—worth a try. The results will be fantastic and will significantly change yourself and everything in your life. You will feel the effects as a MIRACLE, but in fact, it is just pure science. Why not use scientific knowledge to make our lives more beautiful and meaningful!

Life is Wonderful… YOU are Wonderful!

Milena Goleva


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