❤️ 4 times of day when it is crucial that you drink water. When to drink water?

❤️ 4 times of day when it is crucial that you drink water. When to drink water?

Milena Goleva

Water is life.

This statement is so obvious, yet it is so easily forgotten. Seventy percent of the surface of our lovely planet is covered with water. Our bodies are made up of the same percentage of water as Earth. Water is crucial for every metabolic process that takes place in our bodies. It is a part of every biochemical process. Water is also very important for every process that occurs inside us. Those are some of the numerous reasons why it’s vital to our well-being that we stay hydrated. A well-hydrated person is a happy person.

When to drink water? Which are the four times of day when you must hydrate?

1. The moment you wake up.

That is the most important time of day to drink water. After you wake up, brush your teeth and drink two glasses of warm water. Neither hot nor cold but warm – around 35 to 45 degrees Celsius. This is close to the temperature of the body. Doing this will clean up all of the toxins that were built up inside your guts during the night. It literally acts as a shower for your insides.

The water wakes your body up in the morning, gets us ready to move.

This will cleanse your nervous system, reduce stress and tension.

Why use warm water?

Well, would you wash your greasy dishes with cold water? Thought so. Warm water is truly powerful when it comes to cleaning, both dirty dishes and the toxins inside your body.

when you must hydrate 2. Half an hour before having anything to eat.

If you have a glass of water before having food, you will boost your metabolism, and you will prepare it for the upcoming meal. Water will also help you feel more full with less food. This comes in handy when you want to keep in shape.

3. Right after taking a shower or a bath.

Drinking water after having a shower is really good for keeping the body hydrated. This will help clear your skin and will also help regulate your blood pressure.

4. Having water with your coffee.

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee! But we also know how quickly our body gets dehydrated after we consume coffee. Water will naturally help balance this dehydration. Make it a habit to enjoy your coffee with a glass of water on the side.

Hydrating the body is imperative for the proper function of our cells.

You know that our bodies cannot survive long with the lack of water. Also, knowing that younger people have a higher percentage of water, make sure to stay well-hydrated.

Last but not least:

You mustn’t consume a lot of liquids after 19:00.

Your liver is most active between 17 and 19 o’clock. After 7 pm, the liver is not very active, so you make it harder for the body to process the water.

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