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Milena Goleva - known as one of the most influential motivators and teachers in the art of yoga and meditation in Bulgaria. She is leading expert, lecturer and inspirer for change with more than 16 years of daily intensive experience in teaching meditation and yoga and 26 years of personal practice.

New Moon in Aquarius

❤️ New Moon in Aquarius! New Year of the White Metal Ox!

The new enters our lives more and more. The question is whether we will be in sync with it or not.

How to synchronize with the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius, which gives the beginning of the White Metal Ox year?

Here are the seven steps:

1. On 11.02.2021, wide open the windows of your home, ventilate well as a symbol of throwing away the old and the stale energy. The next step is to light frankincense and work your home in a clockwise direction. If you do not have frankincense, you can use a bay leaf or incense sticks. That will purify and renew the energy and help you enter the new year fresh and renewed.

2. From the evening of 10 February for 24 hours, lighten your diet if possible and based on your health condition’s specifics. That will purify both your body and your thoughts. They are connected.

3. It is good to light 5 (preferably white) candles on 5 consecutive days. 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.02

4. Voluntary sacrifice! What is that unnecessary something in yourself that you will metaphorically sacrifice? A quality that you know is time to break up with, that is not good for you. The one you should not wait for circumstances of your life to press you to release. It is good to decide by the dawn of 11/02/2021. Carefully meditate on it. And then just leave this something in the old year.

5. The new year begins on 12.02.2021; as you can see, these are mirrored numbers. That is a sign that a powerful energy portal is opening. This time is particularly great for unlimited and bold dreams! Use those during your meditation or before sleep.

6. The Metal Ox is a conservative being, so these next few days, don’t wear red; it will anger it. Also, avoid beef at the table. The Ox is a domesticated animal, so it is best to be home on the evening of 11.02

7. The Ox is revered as a sacred animal in India, Nepal, China, and it will reward anyone who’s patient, consistent, and persistent. Jupiter – the planet of luck and happiness, is the planet of Taurus. It is believed that Taurus brings happiness, luck, and fertility to the consistent and hardworking.

I wish you an inspired New Beginning!

Dreams come true!

Renewal and Expansion!

And let the Light lead us on the way!

Milena Goleva

7 things to get rid from your life

❤️ 7 things to get rid from your life

Every change starts from the inside out.

The world is changing because you are changing. Not the other way around. YES! We are moving forward, but it is important to take our new selves forward. And for our new self, it’s essential to get rid of these 7 things. They would be a pointless burden on the road.

Here are 7 things to get rid from your life:

1. Criticism of yourself and others

It’s time to revise this habit, which only drains your energy. It doesn’t matter if you criticize mentally or aloud. Criticism is only needed for discovering and analyzing what you need to keep working on. It is a constructive critique. BUT! When it becomes a relentless river of resentment, denial, rejection, hatred, it becomes hidden aggression towards you and others. Aggression attracts more aggression, and without realizing it, you enter into a vicious circle. Everything has its positive and its not so positive sides. Learn to accept both, to seek and discover the positive in you and things.

2. Living in the past

You will not find anything new there. When you live in the past, you bring it into the present and make it your current attraction point. It is how you attract more of the same. And then you wonder why you attract the same relationships, situations, and things again. Throw away old wounds and pain. Take off your old insults and fears. Put on faith, goodwill. And go ahead. Don’t let the past steal your present.

3. Toxic relationships

These are one-way relationships. Relationships in which energy moves only from one side to the other, and there is no exchange. Only you give, save, listen, comfort, help. These are relationships that steal your energy and mood. It’s time to change. Someone only looks for you when they need something. And do you need this type of communication?

Don’t pretend to be a good person with toxic people. If you are sympathetic to them, you become toxic to yourself.

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Dr. Hinohara’s advice for longevity and fulfilling life: Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara is one of those to

4. Excessive thinking

It is the art of creating problems that do not exist. Suppose you are the type of person who tends to think the same thing over and over again like a merry-go-round. You spend more time in your mind than in reality. It is merely the inertia of the mind. It’s time to release the momentum that steals from your present. This way, you give more importance to things that do not really deserve your concern. Just say to yourself: STOP! And return your awareness to the present. This is only a matter of a little practice. The moment you take your attention out of the thought carousel and infuse it into the present reality, and you are ready. You will feel how you got out of the grip of the mental carousel. Then persevere with this practice for a while. You will now feel how nice it is to regain the joy of life.

5. Fear of change

How do you know that what you are accustomed to or have is better than what is coming? The only sure thing in life is change. Learning to accept change is one of the essential lessons of modern times. Of course, any change is associated with leaving the comfort zone. But the moment you allow the change, you realize that it has expanded your comfort zone. It has made you more flexible and adaptable. After all, life itself is an endless journey, learning, and expansion, right? And the more you resist change and try to hide in safety, the more painful it becomes. With each change, you become more conscious, knowledgeable, skilled, and wise. Change brings expansion. Trust the change.

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Home is a significant part of ourselves. Its energy and physical cleanliness are vital to the way we

6. To underestimate yourself

Stop doing it. Stop underestimating yourself. You keep thinking that others are more than you. And you are inferior to them. Too often, I meet capable and talented people who, however, underestimate themselves so much that they place a restrictive barrier to their future development. And only because they do not believe in themselves. They are too critical of themselves and thus underestimate their capabilities and skills. If you have such a tendency, it’s time to stop sabotaging yourself. How? Observe how you think of yourself. You often put labels in your thoughts and characterize yourself with not very pleasant characteristics. How to stop underestimating yourself? By taking care of your confidence and self-esteem.

It is essential to realize and accept that mistakes are part of you growing up.

And they don’t define you as incompetent, silly, or bad. Start noticing and paying attention to your good qualities. And they are so many. Notice and enjoy the small successes and victories. You managed not to get angry, and you kept your composure in a critical situation. You have shown empathy and supported someone in need. You have kept your dignity despite the difficulty and so forth. The examples can be countless. The point is to notice them, to reflect on them. Everyone has good and not so good qualities. Whichever you choose to focus on is up to you.

❤️The best things in life
Let’s remember what some of the best things in life are. Maybe then we will realize that our days are not so

7. Trying to please everyone.

You don’t need it at all, because you also don’t like everyone. But the desire to please everyone has stolen so much from the beauty of life. Any attempt to please someone just to be approved by them takes you away from yourself. In order to please everyone, you betray and lose yourself. And even if you make everyone like you, it still won’t be an indicator of your worth. And you, your value, you determine it yourself with your attitude towards you.

Do you like yourself is the important question?

Do you approve of the path you are taking? Are you satisfied with the choices you make? And the strange paradox is that the less you depend on others’ opinions about you, the more they start to like you. You are important. Try to please yourself because you will share your whole life with you. The others come and go. But you will stay with you.

Get rid of these 7 things, and you will feel that you are regaining your life and the joy of life.

Sometimes, it is important to get rid of the old unnecessary burden in order to move forward. Change starts from the inside out. And every little step along the way is worth it because this is the way to you.

You are Wonderful… LIFE IS WONDERFUL!

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❤️ 4 times of day when it is crucial that you drink water. When to drink water?

❤️ 4 times of day when it is crucial that you drink water. When to drink water?

Water is life.

This statement is so obvious, yet it is so easily forgotten. Seventy percent of the surface of our lovely planet is covered with water. Our bodies are made up of the same percentage of water as Earth. Water is crucial for every metabolic process that takes place in our bodies. It is a part of every biochemical process. Water is also very important for every process that occurs inside us. Those are some of the numerous reasons why it’s vital to our well-being that we stay hydrated. A well-hydrated person is a happy person.

When to drink water? Which are the four times of day when you must hydrate?

1. The moment you wake up.

That is the most important time of day to drink water. After you wake up, brush your teeth and drink two glasses of warm water. Neither hot nor cold but warm – around 35 to 45 degrees Celsius. This is close to the temperature of the body. Doing this will clean up all of the toxins that were built up inside your guts during the night. It literally acts as a shower for your insides.

The water wakes your body up in the morning, gets us ready to move.

This will cleanse your nervous system, reduce stress and tension.

Why use warm water?

Well, would you wash your greasy dishes with cold water? Thought so. Warm water is truly powerful when it comes to cleaning, both dirty dishes and the toxins inside your body.

when you must hydrate2. Half an hour before having anything to eat.

If you have a glass of water before having food, you will boost your metabolism, and you will prepare it for the upcoming meal. Water will also help you feel more full with less food. This comes in handy when you want to keep in shape.

3. Right after taking a shower or a bath.

Drinking water after having a shower is really good for keeping the body hydrated. This will help clear your skin and will also help regulate your blood pressure.

4. Having water with your coffee.

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee! But we also know how quickly our body gets dehydrated after we consume coffee. Water will naturally help balance this dehydration. Make it a habit to enjoy your coffee with a glass of water on the side.

Hydrating the body is imperative for the proper function of our cells.

You know that our bodies cannot survive long with the lack of water. Also, knowing that younger people have a higher percentage of water, make sure to stay well-hydrated.

Last but not least:

You mustn’t consume a lot of liquids after 19:00.

Your liver is most active between 17 and 19 o’clock. After 7 pm, the liver is not very active, so you make it harder for the body to process the water.

The Flow Guy





❤️ Happy things happen to happy people

I have always thought that being happy and well-meaning in today’s world is not good for yourself. That most people are not so well-meaning and can literally crush and use good and happy ones. And in many cases, precisely that happens.

BUT! The energy has changed in the last years. It moves faster and faster. What many call “karma” catches up with us faster, much faster. And Karma is the energy and vibration that we project onto the world, our set of thoughts, intentions, and actions, of course.

If before Karma caught up with us from one rebirth to the other, now it happens within a single life, often, within a year, a month, or even a day. Karma is not something that grabs us to punish us or show us that we are sinners. It is a law that governs the entire universe. Are we punishing ourselves, you ask? Are we the ones causing to us pain and trouble? Well, actually YES! I’m sorry to have to say this. But YES!

For every action, there is an equal in magnitude and opposite in direction reaction

, according to Newton’s third law. Nothing comes out of the blue without us summoning it into our lives.

Let’s see how that works.

You have experimented many times and tested it in your life. If before you reminisced about something or someone, then after several days, the thing or someone appeared in some form in your life. But now all happens much swifter. You think of something, and voila, you see it in your Facebook feed. You think of someone, and she calls you or writes you an email. These synchronicities are not coincidental, of course. Everyone can feel through their own experience that everything happens much, much faster, and faster. The energy is compressing and accelerating.

Let’s now see what we emit.

What kind of Karma we accumulate or the destiny we shape for future.

Let’s hypothetically divide our vibrations into happy and bad ones. The nuances, of course, are countless. But in general, there are happy (pleasant) thoughts, intentions, actions, and those others :-). The pleasant will begin to attract (because that is the law) even more enjoyable things. Bad thoughts, intentions, actions respectively attract their matches.

Start observing yourself, BUT also OTHERS.

happy peopleYou will begin to discover more and more that HAPPY THINGS HAPPEN TO HAPPY PEOPLE! AND TO THE BAD… .. ????

It is because happy people project good vibrations out of themselves. And they attract more of them. I don’t talk about others anymore 🙂 you know why.

That is why, sooner or later, everyone gets what they deserve, or what they project. No one can escape from their own poison. And everyone will receive more from his kindness.

However, being happy does not mean being “stupid” (sorry :-)) or the one who willingly agrees to be used by others. To be happy means to be good to yourself at first. To fill someone’s bucket, it is good at first to make sure that yours is full. OTHERWISE, DO YOU THINK YOU CAN GIVE OTHERS ANYTHING?

Wonderful people, believe in the good, do good for yourself and others (please, without extremes :-)) and good will come back to you. You will meet good people. The events in your life will change in a good way. Good will come back to you, even when someone has bad intentions. Because sooner or later, everyone gets what they have emitted.

I want to declare:





And I don’t think about those who do bad things!






❤️ 3 principles of sleep programming

At the beginning of the last century, the French psychologist and pharmacist Emile Coue amazed his colleagues with the exceptional results he achieved with his patients and made sensational and revolutionary discoveries helping thousands of people heal faster and more successfully with a simple formula. He made them repeat in their mind twice daily: immediately after waking and in before going to sleep for 2-3 minutes following statement:

“Every day I get better and better.”

The brain has unique abilities. However, it can become a powerful tool for improving all areas of life if only we know how to use its resources.

Very few people know that the most crucial moment for planting new ideas in our brain is just before going to sleep. Shortly before, our brain changes its wave frequencies. And this particular moment is exactly


What we think in these 5 minutes, just before we go to sleep, is what the brain will use as mental food for the night. Then the brain switches between alpha and theta frequencies. And those are the frequencies whose impulses and waves literally have the power to conceive and create realities. In this brain mode, the body is relaxed, but the mind is powerfully creative.

Meditation is the art of focusing 100% on an area. Practicing it brings multiple health benefits, such as

Precisely that is the brain’s function that Emil Cue used to help his patients heal and recover surprisingly quickly.

How to make this knowledge work to create our dream health and life?

It turns out that it is crucial what we think just before going to sleep. Now think about what do you think before you go to sleep?

More than 90% of people recreate in their minds the not-so-pleasant things that have happened during the day or are worried about the things that are to come tomorrow. However, the big irony is that most people turn in their heads the unpleasant moments of the past day, and that’s how they go to sleep.

And on the way you get to sleep depends:

  • how will you feel tomorrow
  • will your sleep be peaceful
  • will you have energy
  • will you be in the mood
  • will you wake up fresh and rested
  • will you be able to work better the next day
  • will you be able to cope with the challenges, etc.
What are my three bedtime programming principles?

I have experimented with and improved these three principles during the years. These time tested sleep programming principles have helped thousands of people. And now I have the pleasure of sharing them with you:

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1. Give a farewell to the day with a big Thank you!

Give your gratitude for all the good things you felt during the day. It could be just a smile you git from that passerby. Or the nice word from the shop assistant. Shared moments with your friends. The Lovely view. The pleasant attitude of your colleague. Friendly hand. An inspiring thought. Gentle care. A hug. The positive energy you have received or sent. Undoubtedly, pleasant and not so pleasant things happen on the day of each of us.

The question is, which will you chose to get in your sleep?

sleep programming

Which ones will you bring to your mind just before you fall asleep? What will be the fuel and food for your brain for the night? And for the next day? Following some practice, you will need just a minute to change your thoughts for the night, and it will help you immerse in magical feelings. The “Thank you” practice will also prepare your vibrations for the next phase. Because going to sleep is a process.

2. Mentally go through the next day and visualize it successful.

You don’t even have to imagine specific things. Just see tomorrow successful, satisfying, calm. You can see yourself waking up tomorrow rested, fresh, in a great mood. See yourself going through the main parts of the day in joy and happiness and by the energy of wisdom. Imagine all things are happening in the best possible way. That practice will program your next day.

3. Meditation. The best way to program,

even after you have fallen asleep. When you are asleep, the ear continues to perceive and the brain to process. I encourage you to use guided meditation before going to sleep. Even when you are asleep, the meditation will continue to implant affirmations, formulas, visualizations, and deep inner beliefs. Which, in turn, will shape your reality afterward.

These three principles are precious if you use them in the above sequence.

Each principle prepares a vibrating foundation for the next. They do not require additional time from your side. They all happen when you are in the zone between waking and sleeping anyway. In time, you will observe that you are going to bed with more and more delightful anticipation. The moments in bed will become your favorite moment. You will fall asleep in powerful vibrations, and you will wake up fresh and in a good mood.

The last 5 minutes before you go to sleep.

Such valuable knowledge of which so much depends—worth a try. The results will be fantastic and will significantly change yourself and everything in your life. You will feel the effects as a MIRACLE, but in fact, it is just pure science. Why not use scientific knowledge to make our lives more beautiful and meaningful!

Life is Wonderful… YOU are Wonderful!

Milena Goleva


❤️ 15 key elements for strong immunity system

In the following article, we have compiled 15 practices and elements to strengthen your immune system. They are easy to obtain, and the only requirement for you is to gain some self-discipline and follow the instructions and use them as prophylactic methods. It is also vital for you to remember that it is much easier to prevent illness than cure it.

It is essential to switch these tools to gain the best results.

Use these 15 natural immunostimulants and immunity boosting foods by rotating them. Note that with time the positive effects of any remedy are reducing. Match them with your personal preferences, specifics, allergies, intolerances. And remember that anything useful, no matter how valuable, should not be overused.

It is much better to take preventive care of your health.

And now it is time to reveal these 15 key elements for strong immunity system:

1. Cold water

According to Russian experts, this is one of the most direct methods for achieving strong immunity. Every night after you go home, take off your socks, go to the bathroom and wash your ankles and feet with cold water (start with lukewarm and gradually cool it down). You should do it for 15 to 30 seconds. Then dry your feet and put warm socks on. This simple procedure will improve your body’s oxygen supply, protect you from viruses and bacteria, and boost your immune system. As per eastern medicine, all organs have projections on the feet. Additionally, there are a large number of nerve endings connected to the whole body. It is good to do it for at least four weeks.

2. Honey

Honey is the most delicious natural Immuno booster and is an excellent instrument to support the body. It contains almost all the elements from the Mendeleev periodic table. Collected from the pollen of flowers and herbs honey, has been a unique medicine since ancient times. Honey is a superfood, a natural relaxant, and has a calming effect over body and mind. It has antibacterial and antiviral action, activates metabolism, and improves the intestinal flora.

Here is a valuable recipe with honey: The most powerful natural antibiotic:

3. Bee pollen

This bee product deserves our special attention. It is less popular as a natural immunostimulant. It optimizes the body’s defenses and helps to strengthen it overall. Added to your shake, it dissolves fast. You could use yogurt or lukewarm water. You can consume it with honey in a ratio of 1:1. It is best to be stored in a dark and cool place.

15 key elements for strong immunity system4. Yoga and exercise

It has been scientifically proven that training strengthens immunity. Well – yoga workouts strengthen it many times over. Good blood circulation requires muscle activity. Yoga asanas and breathing (pranayama) increase the body’s protection. You can practice yoga in the comfort and security of your home at a time convenient for you. It is also good to note that yoga generally does not require expensive props or tools.

5. Meditation

Fear, anger, and stress all reduce the body’s immunity. On the other hand, calmness, balance, and meditation stimulate it. When our thoughts and emotions are negative, the body is more susceptible to viruses, infections. Meditation calms our consciousness, harmonizes emotions, uplifts the mind, thoughts become optimistic and bright. All that leads to increased immunity and the body’s natural protection. Thoughts are also able to improve our health.

6. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory ingredients in the world. Rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, it contains valuable minerals, essential oils, and essential amino acids that make it a powerful tool for boosting the immune system.

citrus fruits7. Lemons, grapefruit, oranges

In other words: a treasure of natural vitamin C. Many people think that there is a lot of vitamin C in oranges, but lemons, lime, and grapefruits all have more vitamin reserves. When we take vitamin C, the production of white blood cells and immunoglobulins increases, the level of interferon increases. Which significantly increases the body’s defenses against various viruses, antibodies, fungi, etc. Taking a pressed lemon with water and a teaspoon of honey is an excellent start to the day. This drink also alkalizes the body. An important note is that bacterias and viruses do not like an alkaline environment.

8. Ginseng

Its shape resembles a human figure. It is called the root of life and since ancient times has been considered a panacea or cure for all diseases, it tones, strengthens the immune system, calms the mind, regenerates cells, conditions the heart and cardiovascular system. It should not be taken for more than a month and should not be combined with caffeinated foods and beverages.

9. Garlic and onions

You want to pay special attention to those stinky friends. They have beneficial antibiotic and antibacterial properties. Your body will be grateful if you include them in your menu. Use them both raw and cooked in food. Here is an easy and useful idea for roasted garlic: Peel the top peels and leaves. Put it into a small tray, drop some olive oil, cover with foil, and bake it on low heat for 10-15 minutes.

10. Pickles

Let’s restore the significance of the pickles. Old people say: “Health comes from the gut.” We should benefit from the millennial experience of our ancestors. During the winter, our forefathers ate pickles. What is so precious in it? Lactic acid, bacteria, enzymes, yeast. Eating fermented food is rather beneficial for the belly and intestines. Of course, it is essential to consume small quantities. Take Japan as an example – a country with probably the highest life expectancy. A small amount of fermented vegetables is consumed there with each and every meal.

11. Yoghurt

Food for the long-lived. It is characteristic of the Balkan peninsula. National pride for Bulgarians, yogurt is one of the most abundant natural sources of probiotics, and they are the first guardian of immunity. The valuable live acidic bacteria in it take care of the intestinal flora. And as we know, health is in the gut. There are many different types of yogurt. The best types should contain Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles – read more here

12. Herbal tea

Herbal tee or tisane is highly underestimated because we always think of it when we are already sick. But herbal teas taken daily help to build and strengthen immunity. On top of that, the herbal combinations are infinitely fragrant and pleasant to consume. Here’s an idea: Replace one coffee a day with herbal tea. Excellent herbs for improving immunity could be thyme, salvia, dog rose, mint, common balm, lime(linden), camomile etc.

13. Sleep

Chronic lack of sleep lowers the resistance of our body to harmful factors. It is no coincidence that the lack of sleep makes us anxious, irritable and grumpy. Ample rest and early bedtime provide us with healthy nerves and strong immunity. Sleep is healthy. Sleep helps restore the body and its functions. Almost always, the lack of sleep is underestimated and not taken into account.

14. The sun

sun source of vitamin d

The Sun has a massive impact on human health and immunity. We are increasingly living indoors. We work in closed-door offices or stay at home. And quite fast, the modern man has reduced the time spent outside in the open. You don’t have to stand in the Sun for hours. BUT! When the weather is sunny (especially in spring, winter, and autumn), it is vital to take sunbathes for at least 15 minutes. And not just your face – open the window when it is sunny and show your hands and upper body to the Sun. The Sun is almost the only natural supplier of the essential vitamin D – our immune system’s critical element.

15. Love

Very underestimated. BUT! High vibration is the strongest immunostimulant. Negative emotions lower the vibrations and, accordingly, the immunity of the whole organism. They also create an acidic environment in our body. The acidic environment is the ideal soil for spreading viruses and bacteria. In turn, positive feelings alkalize the environment of the body. The alkaline conditions do not allow viruses and bacteria to multiply. Love and Gratitude are the highest frequency vibrations. In turn, viruses have a low-frequency nature. They are incompatible. So do not underestimate the environment you create in your body through your feelings and emotions.

Please don’t rush to do it all at once. You will lose motivation so quickly. Introduce the above 15 key elements for a strong immunity system continuously and shuffle them to have the best outcome.

Life is Wonderful… YOU are Wonderful!




benefits of meditation

❤️ What will happen when you start meditating or benefits of meditation

Meditation is not some obscene practice, but a superficial, deep connection with your inner self. It helps you tap into the unused potential of your mind and become the being you have always wanted to be.

There are many types of meditation, but the purpose of this article is to show you what are the astonishing benefits of meditation for your body, mind, and soul.

What will happen to you when you start meditating for just 20 minutes daily for three weeks?

Benefits of meditation for your Health:
  • Beneficial effect on all systems in the human body – endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous, excretory, circulatory, respiratory, etc.;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Increases energy;
  • Corrects high blood pressure and normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Improves the quality of breathing;
  • Ensures longevity;
  • Improved functioning of all bodies;
  • Increases the body’s energy supply;
  • Improves sleep;
  • Makes sleep calm and fulfilling and deeply restorative;
  • Calms the whole nervous system;
  • Provides quality prevention for a healthy body and mind;
Benefits of meditation for your emotional Well-Being:
  • Provides harmony in everyday life;
  • Enhances the feeling of peace and happiness;
  • Reduces anxiety, worry, fears;
  • Decreases the level of stress;
  • Provides inner balance;
  • Relieves and relieves depression;
  • Increases self-esteem and acceptance of ourselves as we are;
  • Increases optimism, self-confidence, and awareness;
  • Improves social communication;
  • Raises mood and emotional intelligence;
  • Satisfaction from the day;
Meditation is the art of focusing 100% on an area. Practicing it brings multiple health benefits, such as
Benefits of meditation for your Mental Well-being:
  • Enhances the ability to focus and the power of the mind;
  • Heightens memory;
  • Build positive thought patterns;
  • Meditation attracts positive events in life ;
  • Develops creativity and the ability to learn;
  • Improves the cognitive and creative abilities of the mind;
  • Helps solve problems and make decisions;
  • Less distracted and distracted;
  • Improves mental activity;
❤️ Meditation – a charger for the mind
The word and the concept of “meditation” are covered in a mystical halo. Well, today, we will

Were you convinced already? Dedicate 20 minutes for you for the next three weeks and see how meditation will serve you too!

Enjoy your meditation practice! Life is wonderful!
cleaning the bad energy with salt

❤️ How to purify the energy in your home

Home is a significant part of ourselves.

Its energy and physical cleanliness are vital to the way we feel about ourselves. Just the way our physical body has an aura or energy envelope, our home also has its aura or energy envelope, even if we don’t realize it. Undoubtedly home is the place where we spend a lot of time. Often in the hustle of our daily lives, we think the opposite. It seems to us that we have almost no time left to be at home. But if we think about it: how many hours we spend sleeping, the time in the morning (before we go out), the time in the evening (after we get home), the weekends. In fact, a significant part of our time is in this sacred space, which we call HOME!

We are constantly connected to our home.

Even when we are outside it, an invisible thread connects us. And even when we are away from home, it affects us much more than we can imagine. For these reasons, it is crucial to know how to take care of the invisible aspects of our place. It is good to keep your home clean, both physically and energetically. The energy mustn’t be blocked or be in the low frequency,

but it has to flow freely and harmoniously.

Every object that we bring into our home participates in the construction of the home’s energy structure. It is essential to look around us. Are there objects and things in it that you don’t like, which aren’t so dear to you, but you keep them because, for example, they were given to you by a close person or have sentimental value. Is there anything that “tingles” you? Don’t hesitate! Take it away! Give it away!

One man’s trash can become a priceless gift for another!

Suppose there are objects cracked, injured, with broken parts, non-working appliances, or clothes/items you have not used for years. Get rid of them! They hold and block the energy in your home.

The following technique for cleaning the bad energy from your home is easy to apply and extremely effective, and will let the Light into your home.

What do you need to do?

Get coarse sea salt. From ancient times, salt was considered a sacred and very powerful remedy. These sacred crystals have the enormous power of a sponge. They absorb low-frequency energy and thus purify the home.

Where and how to place the salt?

Get small saucers. Put a pile of coarse sea salt in them. You can also just put it on a piece of paper. Place one such plate after dusk in every corner of your home or every corner of the room.

Corners are the places where energy is blocked and stagnant.

If there is furniture or an object in the corresponding corner, place the salt as close as possible. Let the salt stay in the corners all night, and at dawn, throw it into the toilet and silently say to yourself: Let this salt flush all the negative influences and energies from my home. Let my home be clean, full of light, and bright thoughts.

After these words, let the water flush away the salt.

How many times should I do it?

I would recommend that you do this cleansing three consecutive evenings. Use new salt each time. You can reduce the amount of salt each day.

You will quickly note how your home is being improved after each cleansing cycle. On the first day, the salt will “catch” the coarser low energies. With each successive cycle, the salt will purify the space more and more.

Can I use the same salt twice?

Absolutely NOT! Used salt is “contaminated” and has already absorbed negative energy. It is not acceptable to put it back in the house. It should be discarded in water and not used again for any other purpose.

Your energy body connects with the energy body of your home.

They influence each other and communicate energy. Along with purifying your home, you will also feel lighter, fresher, cleaned. More things will work out for you; your thoughts will improve; your soul will be uplifted!

Life is wonderful!


❤️ Mind, body, HEALTH! How to heal using the power of the mind?

Mind, body, and health! What is the connection between them and

HOW to start and strengthen the healing process in the body with the power of the mind?

If you realize that you have the power to create your reality, materialize a parking space, attract a soulmate into your life, become a better version of yourself, etc. Why then do you somehow separate your physical body from your ability to create matter?

Thoughts are a phenomenally powerful tool.

Thoughts create reality. And that body and health are also a project of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Most people associate health and a healthy body with what you eat. But they miss an essential aspect. What is it that feeds your mind? What do you think, say, feel, believe? You eat several times a day.

But your body and cells are under the influence of your thoughts,

feelings and deep inner convictions 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And this cannot be ruled out. Just as food can be toxic to your body, so your negative thoughts can be toxic to your cells. Now think that in front of you is the most beneficial food, fresh and healthy salad or the dish that is valuable and tasty for you. You sit down to eat, but you are angry, bitter, resentful, irritated, or just sour. What food will you actually eat?

And wouldn’t even the most delicious and healthy salad turn into poison because of the emotional state you are in?

We often say to ourselves the line “Health is in the head”, but are we deeply aware of this responsibility.

We’ve all heard of miracles that happened to people,

Who were cured of incurable diseases and then lived happily ever after.

Your mind has the mighty power to heal, but unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

Self-healing is actually the mind-body relationship – the way your thoughts, emotions, and deep inner beliefs change the biochemistry in our body.

When we feel bad, when we allow ourselves to be subjected to stress for a long time without neutralizing it with rest and the right way of eating, movement, and thought. When we are in a state of burnout or depression. When we experience resentment, fears, sadness, and remain under these emotional states’ influence for a long time, then our body reacts on a physical level.

Whatever you emit yourself, the same you will receive.

Or in the language of the universe. You can’t always think, talk, vibrate on the illness frequency, and expect to get healthy.

If you want health, you need to find a way to tune in to the frequencies of health.

If you want health, think about health, talk about health, look for a feeling of health in your cells. And what you radiate, you will attract more from it.

When they found a lump in my body years ago, the doctor told me to have surgery right away. I asked him to give me a month to do the best I could.

When I returned a month later for an x-ray, there was no sign of the formation.

Only then I dedicated a month to myself on my thoughts and emotions. I stopped

  • Watching TV,

  • Irradiating myself voluntarily with negative information,

  • Dealing with others,

  • Taking offense.

I stopped talking about the disease.

I started looking for thoughts of health. In other words, I set out on a very useful journey inside me. I realized that the disease’s physical manifestation begins somewhere in my thoughts and attitudes or begins with disharmony within us.

When the disease appears, it does not come to punish us and break us.

It initially comes in a light form – to warn us. It is like a car light that appears when the fuel is running low. There is more fuel, but it is decreasing. What is the disease? It comes to warn us that the body’s energy fuel is starting to run out, and it’s time to restore our energy balance, release the accumulated stress and work on the emotions we allow in ourselves.

I believe that the people of the future will be healed only by the power of thought.

And when they go to a specialist, he will first inquire about their emotional state and then prescribe meditation, according to the emotional blockages that need to be mastered, for health begins in thoughts and emotions.

Accept the disease as an opportunity for transformation,

as it really is. It is a strong motivator for realizing the enormous power you possess within. The power to be the author of your life. It all starts from the inside out. Healing begins inside of you! You have all the strength to begin changing your health.




Bedtime ritual

❤️ Bedtime ritual for health and peaceful sleep

Waking up happy and having a great, productive day depends on the quality of your sleep. 

Being full of energy, and feeling good also depends on getting that excellent sleep. I often share this easy recipe because I know how beneficial it is, and I believe that simple things usually work best, well, if you make them a habit.

I share it with you.

You will immediately feel its continual benefits of this wonderful bedtime ritual. In the evening, just before bedtime, get some honey. I will write the recipe at the end.

What are the benefits of honey in this bedtime ritual?

They are in several directions: Collected from the pollen of flowers and herbs, honey has been a unique medicine since ancient times. Honey is a superfood and a super medicine.

Honey is a natural relaxant and has a calming effect.

Especially before bed. In the evening, however, it is recommended to dissolve it in water. This protects the stomach.

  • It has antibacterial and antiviral action
  • Activates metabolism and improves intestinal flora
  • And why do I call it a ritual?

Well, because I’m adding something very important to this honey elixir. Minutes of calm before going to bed, in which, while drinking the honey magic, I remember with Gratitude all the good things that I had the privilege to experience today. So every night I insist that my mind search and dig in its files for the good moments of the day. Even the smallest things. By doing that, I train my mind to search for the happy, important thoughts in my brain.

The recipe:

Half a teaspoon of honey is dissolved in half a cup of warm water. It is essential that the water is not cold, because honey will not dissolve or hot because honey’s useful ingredients can be destroyed above 35-40 degrees Celsius. I recommend that the water should not be more than half a glass, because in the evening after 7 pm it is not good to drink large amounts of fluids.
Another important thing: after drinking the honey water, lightly rinse your mouth with water, or it is best to brush your teeth.
And of course, then I go to bed with gentle and relaxing guided meditation. So with pleasure and gradually, I go to sleep with beautiful thoughts and a relaxed body.
You will feel the calming effect very quickly from the honey water combined with the beneficial vibrations of Gratitude.
Especially after a busy day, a glass of such a honey elixir will help you fall asleep peacefully and provide you with a night of quality sleep. And in the new day to come, you will be ready and full of energy to accept the miracles that are awaiting you.

I hope you have many days and nights full of sweetness and honey!