cleaning the bad energy with salt

❤️ How to purify the energy in your home

Milena Goleva

Home is a significant part of ourselves.

Its energy and physical cleanliness are vital to the way we feel about ourselves. Just the way our physical body has an aura or energy envelope, our home also has its aura or energy envelope, even if we don’t realize it. Undoubtedly home is the place where we spend a lot of time. Often in the hustle of our daily lives, we think the opposite. It seems to us that we have almost no time left to be at home. But if we think about it: how many hours we spend sleeping, the time in the morning (before we go out), the time in the evening (after we get home), the weekends. In fact, a significant part of our time is in this sacred space, which we call HOME!

We are constantly connected to our home.

Even when we are outside it, an invisible thread connects us. And even when we are away from home, it affects us much more than we can imagine. For these reasons, it is crucial to know how to take care of the invisible aspects of our place. It is good to keep your home clean, both physically and energetically. The energy mustn’t be blocked or be in the low frequency,

but it has to flow freely and harmoniously.

Every object that we bring into our home participates in the construction of the home’s energy structure. It is essential to look around us. Are there objects and things in it that you don’t like, which aren’t so dear to you, but you keep them because, for example, they were given to you by a close person or have sentimental value. Is there anything that “tingles” you? Don’t hesitate! Take it away! Give it away!

One man’s trash can become a priceless gift for another!

Suppose there are objects cracked, injured, with broken parts, non-working appliances, or clothes/items you have not used for years. Get rid of them! They hold and block the energy in your home.

The following technique for cleaning the bad energy from your home is easy to apply and extremely effective, and will let the Light into your home.

What do you need to do?

Get coarse sea salt. From ancient times, salt was considered a sacred and very powerful remedy. These sacred crystals have the enormous power of a sponge. They absorb low-frequency energy and thus purify the home.

Where and how to place the salt?

Get small saucers. Put a pile of coarse sea salt in them. You can also just put it on a piece of paper. Place one such plate after dusk in every corner of your home or every corner of the room.

Corners are the places where energy is blocked and stagnant.

If there is furniture or an object in the corresponding corner, place the salt as close as possible. Let the salt stay in the corners all night, and at dawn, throw it into the toilet and silently say to yourself: Let this salt flush all the negative influences and energies from my home. Let my home be clean, full of light, and bright thoughts.

After these words, let the water flush away the salt.

How many times should I do it?

I would recommend that you do this cleansing three consecutive evenings. Use new salt each time. You can reduce the amount of salt each day.

You will quickly note how your home is being improved after each cleansing cycle. On the first day, the salt will “catch” the coarser low energies. With each successive cycle, the salt will purify the space more and more.

Can I use the same salt twice?

Absolutely NOT! Used salt is “contaminated” and has already absorbed negative energy. It is not acceptable to put it back in the house. It should be discarded in water and not used again for any other purpose.

Your energy body connects with the energy body of your home.

They influence each other and communicate energy. Along with purifying your home, you will also feel lighter, fresher, cleaned. More things will work out for you; your thoughts will improve; your soul will be uplifted!

Life is wonderful!


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