what is meditation?

❤️ Meditation – a charger for the mind

The word and the concept of “meditation” are covered in a mystical halo.

Well, today, we will demystify it. There is an opinion that we must be very spiritual, follow specific rules, or be “special” to meditate.In fact, meditation is the simplest possible, completely free, and accessible method of relaxing the mind at any time.It depends only on the individual. It is a personal and intimate exercise of the mind, leading to a reduction of stress, anxiety, a change in worldview, and, above all, to self-knowledge. Meditation is a charger for the mind.

Imagine that you are a brilliant machine(which you are!)

And here’s an example: when you buy a new appliance, you must first read the user manual to use it properly. It is the same with the human body – with ourselves and our inner world. Meditation is a sort of User Manual for our human machine. Therefore, since ancient times, meditation has existed as the most powerful tool a person can use to explore his inner world. We humans have senses which help us acquaint ourselves with our inner world. And meditation is precisely the exercise that teaches us the ways of our human being.

Many are asking “what is meditation“? Today we will demystify the image of the meditation by answering the opposite one: What meditation is not?

  1. Meditation is not a religious practice

Meditation is an ancient practice, and it does not place restrictions in terms of religion, nation, or faith. The word “meditation” has Latin origins (Latin meditatio) and means a practice that trains the mind. Initially, meditation was understood as both mental and physical exercises, and later the word started associating it only with the cognitive meaning – contemplation, peace, and mental relaxation.

  1. Meditation does not mean fixation or concentration

The main results of the regular practice of meditation are the strengthening of memory and the ability to concentrate. During meditation, the mind is at rest, which means that then the brain is truly rested, leading to better concentration.

  1. You don’t have to practice yoga to meditate

As we have specified, meditation is an exercise of the mind that has nothing to do with whether you practice yoga or not. The confusion comes from the fact that the most preferred posture for meditation is the “lotus” yoga pose and that usually everyone who meditates starts performing yogic exercises and asanas. They help with meditation but are not required. Conversely, practicing yoga does not mean that you must meditate.

  1. Meditation is not hypnosis

It is just the opposite – meditation is a full awareness of every moment and every part of our body. It frees us from the emotions we feel. It enables us to accept people and situations as they are and to take impartial and conscious action. It protects us from digging into the past and worrying about the future. Both are non-existent at the moment, and instead, meditation allows us to focus on the current moment – here and now.

  1. Meditation will not interfere with your modern lifestyle

People mistakenly believe that meditation will make them hermits or force them to renounce the physical. No! It will only help you feel calmer and better able to cope with life’s difficulties. It will merely become the favorite charger for your mind.

Meditation is the charger for the mind.

Too often, people who meditate, find that they are no longer as angry as they used to be, that they are calmer and more aligned in their actions.

It is not surprising then that even in the world’s Mecca of financial transactions – The Wall Street – meditation has long been a preferred tool for dealing with stress and capturing financial peaks.

Probably for those of you who have not yet tried meditation, the question arises: How can I? It’s easy! Let’s try meditation!


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