❤️ Everything that happens to us is for the good

An African king had a very good friend who liked to say in every situation, “That’s good.”

Once the king was on a hunt. His friend loaded the weapon, but something went wrong, and the king lost the finger of one hand in the shot.

His friend, as always, said:

“This is good.”

The king was angry and snapped:

“No, that’s not good at all! – You’re going to jail!”

He immediately carried out his threat and sent his friend to prison. A year later, the king was hunting again in the jungle, but this time they were attacked by cannibals, who captured him with his entire retinue. They tied them up, started a fire and started throwing them into the cauldron one by one.

When it was the king’s turn, they saw that he was without a finger, and because they were superstitious and did not eat food with defects, they untied him and let him go. When he returned home, the king immediately went to his friend in prison because he felt remorse.

“You were right,” he said, “it was really good that I lost my finger!”

And he told him the whole story. He finished his story with the words:

“I’m so sorry I locked you up, that was very bad of me!”

“No,” said his friend, “that’s good!””What are you talking about, how can it be good to put my friend in prison for a whole year?”

“If I wasn’t in prison, I would be there with you… That’s why I can say that you saved my life. And that’s really good!” His wise friend replied with a smile.

Everything “bad” that ever happened to us has ultimately brought us to where we are now. And that’s really good!

This is to remind you – LIFE IS WONDERFUL!

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