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❤️ Mind, body, HEALTH! How to heal using the power of the mind?

Mind, body, and health! What is the connection between them and

HOW to start and strengthen the healing process in the body with the power of the mind?

If you realize that you have the power to create your reality, materialize a parking space, attract a soulmate into your life, become a better version of yourself, etc. Why then do you somehow separate your physical body from your ability to create matter?

Thoughts are a phenomenally powerful tool.

Thoughts create reality. And that body and health are also a project of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Most people associate health and a healthy body with what you eat. But they miss an essential aspect. What is it that feeds your mind? What do you think, say, feel, believe? You eat several times a day.

But your body and cells are under the influence of your thoughts,

feelings and deep inner convictions 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And this cannot be ruled out. Just as food can be toxic to your body, so your negative thoughts can be toxic to your cells. Now think that in front of you is the most beneficial food, fresh and healthy salad or the dish that is valuable and tasty for you. You sit down to eat, but you are angry, bitter, resentful, irritated, or just sour. What food will you actually eat?

And wouldn’t even the most delicious and healthy salad turn into poison because of the emotional state you are in?

We often say to ourselves the line “Health is in the head”, but are we deeply aware of this responsibility.

We’ve all heard of miracles that happened to people,

Who were cured of incurable diseases and then lived happily ever after.

Your mind has the mighty power to heal, but unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

Self-healing is actually the mind-body relationship – the way your thoughts, emotions, and deep inner beliefs change the biochemistry in our body.

When we feel bad, when we allow ourselves to be subjected to stress for a long time without neutralizing it with rest and the right way of eating, movement, and thought. When we are in a state of burnout or depression. When we experience resentment, fears, sadness, and remain under these emotional states’ influence for a long time, then our body reacts on a physical level.

Whatever you emit yourself, the same you will receive.

Or in the language of the universe. You can’t always think, talk, vibrate on the illness frequency, and expect to get healthy.

If you want health, you need to find a way to tune in to the frequencies of health.

If you want health, think about health, talk about health, look for a feeling of health in your cells. And what you radiate, you will attract more from it.

When they found a lump in my body years ago, the doctor told me to have surgery right away. I asked him to give me a month to do the best I could.

When I returned a month later for an x-ray, there was no sign of the formation.

Only then I dedicated a month to myself on my thoughts and emotions. I stopped

  • Watching TV,

  • Irradiating myself voluntarily with negative information,

  • Dealing with others,

  • Taking offense.

I stopped talking about the disease.

I started looking for thoughts of health. In other words, I set out on a very useful journey inside me. I realized that the disease’s physical manifestation begins somewhere in my thoughts and attitudes or begins with disharmony within us.

When the disease appears, it does not come to punish us and break us.

It initially comes in a light form – to warn us. It is like a car light that appears when the fuel is running low. There is more fuel, but it is decreasing. What is the disease? It comes to warn us that the body’s energy fuel is starting to run out, and it’s time to restore our energy balance, release the accumulated stress and work on the emotions we allow in ourselves.

I believe that the people of the future will be healed only by the power of thought.

And when they go to a specialist, he will first inquire about their emotional state and then prescribe meditation, according to the emotional blockages that need to be mastered, for health begins in thoughts and emotions.

Accept the disease as an opportunity for transformation,

as it really is. It is a strong motivator for realizing the enormous power you possess within. The power to be the author of your life. It all starts from the inside out. Healing begins inside of you! You have all the strength to begin changing your health.




Bedtime ritual

❤️ Bedtime ritual for health and peaceful sleep

Waking up happy and having a great, productive day depends on the quality of your sleep. 

Being full of energy, and feeling good also depends on getting that excellent sleep. I often share this easy recipe because I know how beneficial it is, and I believe that simple things usually work best, well, if you make them a habit.

I share it with you.

You will immediately feel its continual benefits of this wonderful bedtime ritual. In the evening, just before bedtime, get some honey. I will write the recipe at the end.

What are the benefits of honey in this bedtime ritual?

They are in several directions: Collected from the pollen of flowers and herbs, honey has been a unique medicine since ancient times. Honey is a superfood and a super medicine.

Honey is a natural relaxant and has a calming effect.

Especially before bed. In the evening, however, it is recommended to dissolve it in water. This protects the stomach.

  • It has antibacterial and antiviral action
  • Activates metabolism and improves intestinal flora
  • And why do I call it a ritual?

Well, because I’m adding something very important to this honey elixir. Minutes of calm before going to bed, in which, while drinking the honey magic, I remember with Gratitude all the good things that I had the privilege to experience today. So every night I insist that my mind search and dig in its files for the good moments of the day. Even the smallest things. By doing that, I train my mind to search for the happy, important thoughts in my brain.

The recipe:

Half a teaspoon of honey is dissolved in half a cup of warm water. It is essential that the water is not cold, because honey will not dissolve or hot because honey’s useful ingredients can be destroyed above 35-40 degrees Celsius. I recommend that the water should not be more than half a glass, because in the evening after 7 pm it is not good to drink large amounts of fluids.
Another important thing: after drinking the honey water, lightly rinse your mouth with water, or it is best to brush your teeth.
And of course, then I go to bed with gentle and relaxing guided meditation. So with pleasure and gradually, I go to sleep with beautiful thoughts and a relaxed body.
You will feel the calming effect very quickly from the honey water combined with the beneficial vibrations of Gratitude.
Especially after a busy day, a glass of such a honey elixir will help you fall asleep peacefully and provide you with a night of quality sleep. And in the new day to come, you will be ready and full of energy to accept the miracles that are awaiting you.

I hope you have many days and nights full of sweetness and honey!




natural antibiotic

❤️The most powerful natural antibiotic – The Recipe!

In this article, I will give you a priceless homemade recipe for the most powerful natural antibiotic. I will tell you how to apply it and what are the components to boost immunity. By using it, you will also support the work of the lungs and strengthen the body to deal with harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites. You will increase metabolism, strengthen the liver, and many other benefits for the body.

Important note: the purpose of this recipe is not to substitute medical advice!

But it will help you care for yourself and your loved ones when you experience the first symptoms of the disease, discomfort, colds. This paste can help your body deal with these symptoms.

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What are the ingredients of this natural antibiotic?

The great part of this recipe is that you probably have most of the ingredients in your home.


It is a natural product known since ancient times. Scientists say that the entire Mendeleev table is contained in it.

-Rich in enzymes.

-It has antimicrobial action.

-Normalizes stomach acidity.

-Increases the number of red blood cells.

-Strengthens the body.

-Natural preservative

It has a high content of antioxidants. It is easily digested. Apitherapy has used the healing power of honey since ancient times. The ancients called it “Nectar of the Gods.” Natural preservative.

❤️ Louise Hay List of Symptoms and Affirmations to cure
 “I am healthy, whole, and complete.” As you look through the following list taken from Louis Hay’


Turmeric is one of the strongest solutions against inflammatory processes in the body.

Strengthens immunity;

  • Regulates cholesterol;
  • Reduces depression;
  • Reduces the symptoms of arthritis, pain, swelling;

It is considered the most medicinal spice globally and has been widely studied for this reason. However, modern science says that in order to be absorbed by the intestines, black pepper is needed to help absorb curcumin(the major ingredient in the turmeric).most powerful natural antibiotic


Black Pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in our kitchen, and that is no accident. We don’t even suspect its health benefits. A cure for colds. Relieves cough and reduces mucus formation. As well as turmeric soothes bloating and gas. Prevents brain aging.


Ginger is an exceptional ingredient in the fight against viruses, bacteria. Its name in Sanskrit means universal medicine. With pronounced anti-inflammatory action. Supports the healing process in colds. It has warming properties and helps the absorption of food and metabolism. Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Antioxidant N 1 in the plant world.most powerful natural antibiotic recipe


One of Cinnamon’s most potent properties is antiparasitic. It has a pronounced antifungal effect. Successfully fights infections and boosts immunity. Stimulates the digestive system and bloating. It has pronounced antibacterial action. Cinnamon also affects mental health, improves mood, and has an antidepressant effect. One of the strongest antioxidants.

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The recipe for the most powerful natural antibiotic:


100 g of honey

1 tbsp. turmeric (to this point, this is the so-called golden honey, known to us from the ancient science of Ayurveda)

½ tsp pepper

1 tsp ginger powder

½ tsp cinnamon

When the ingredients are mixed, a golden paste is obtained. It is good for the honey to be liquid so that the components can be easily mixed. You can enhance the effect of this recipe with the power of the mind. Your thoughts have powerful effects on your body.

It is essential to comply each of the ingredients in the recipe with your individual health. Find out more about each of the ingredients. If you have an allergy, consider removing the allergen from the recipe.

How to use it when we have initial symptoms of malaise, cold?

This paste is exceptionally effective at the first symptoms. It literally works wonders for the body.

The best way to consume is as follows:

First day: 1 teaspoon – every hour.

Second day: 1 teaspoon every second hour.

From third to the seventh day: 1 teaspoon three times a day.

The second week – gradually decrease the amount taken and stop.

How to use preventively to maintain immunity?

If you have a healthy stomach – take 1 teaspoon every morning on an empty stomach.

In case you have a stomach upset, take 1/2 -1 hour after a meal. I would not encourage you to continually take this paste because no matter how good medicine is, if it is constantly offered to the body, it stops working so effectively. Therefore, if you do prophylaxis, take a month and then rest for two weeks and again for a month and rest again.

I would recommend you mix up the recipe for a day or two. Honey is a natural preservative. However, if it needs to stay longer, store it in the refrigerator.

I believe that this recipe finds you at the right time.

This seemingly easy recipe has the power to work wonders for your body and help in the fight for its protection. This is the most potent natural antibiotic. And great care for you.

Take care of yourself….a little bit every day!

❤️ Do not miss the moments with your children, they will not happen again

Work will wait until you show your child the rainbow, but the rainbow will not wait for you to do your job –

Patricia Clafford

I was in a hurry.
I came rushing through our dining room in my best suit, focused on getting ready for an evening meeting. Gillian, my four-year-old, was dancing about to one of her favorite oldies, “Cool,” from West Side Story.
I was in a hurry, on the verge of being late. Yet a small voice inside of me said, Stop.
So I stopped. I looked at her. I reached out, grabbed her hand and spun her around. My seven-year-old, Caitlin, came into our orbit, and I grabbed her, too. The three of us did a wild jitterbug around the dining room and into the living room. We were laughing. We were spinning. Could the neighbors see the lunacy through the windows? It didn’t matter. The song ended with a dramatic flourish and our dance finished with it. I patted them on their bottoms and sent them to take their baths.
They went up the stairs, gasping for breath, their giggles bouncing off the walls. I went back to business. I was bent over, shoving papers into my briefcase, when I overheard my youngest say to her sister, “Caitlin, isn’t Mommy the bestest one?”
I froze. How close I had come to hurrying through life, missing that moment. My mind went to the awards and diplomas that covered the walls of my office. No award, no achievement I have ever earned can match this: Isn’t Mommy the bestest one?
My child said that at age four. I don’t expect her to say it at age 14. But at age 40, if she bends down over that pine box to say good-bye to the cast-off container of my soul, I want her to say it then.
Isn’t Mommy the bestest one?
It doesn’t fit on my resume. But I want it on my tombstone.

Author – Gina Barrett Schlesinger, From “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul”


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❤️ Everything that happens to us is for the good

An African king had a very good friend who liked to say in every situation, “That’s good.”

Once the king was on a hunt. His friend loaded the weapon, but something went wrong, and the king lost the finger of one hand in the shot.

His friend, as always, said:

“This is good.”

The king was angry and snapped:

“No, that’s not good at all! – You’re going to jail!”

He immediately carried out his threat and sent his friend to prison. A year later, the king was hunting again in the jungle, but this time they were attacked by cannibals, who captured him with his entire retinue. They tied them up, started a fire and started throwing them into the cauldron one by one.

When it was the king’s turn, they saw that he was without a finger, and because they were superstitious and did not eat food with defects, they untied him and let him go. When he returned home, the king immediately went to his friend in prison because he felt remorse.

“You were right,” he said, “it was really good that I lost my finger!”

And he told him the whole story. He finished his story with the words:

“I’m so sorry I locked you up, that was very bad of me!”

“No,” said his friend, “that’s good!””What are you talking about, how can it be good to put my friend in prison for a whole year?”

“If I wasn’t in prison, I would be there with you… That’s why I can say that you saved my life. And that’s really good!” His wise friend replied with a smile.

Everything “bad” that ever happened to us has ultimately brought us to where we are now. And that’s really good!

This is to remind you – LIFE IS WONDERFUL!

❤️ Sensitive people are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet

Sensitive people are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. There is nothing they won’t tell you about themselves if they trust your kindness. However, the moment you betray them, reject them or devalue them, they become the worse type of person. Unfortunately, they end up hurting themselves in the long run. They don’t want to hurt other people. It is against their very nature. They want to make amends and undo the wrong they did. Their life is a wave of highs and lows. They live with guilt and constant pain over unresolved situations and misunderstandings. They are tortured souls that are not able to live with hatred or being hated. This type of person needs the most love anyone can give them because their soul has been constantly bruised by others. However, despite the tragedy of what they have to go through in life, they remain the most compassionate people worth knowing, and the ones that often become activists for the broken hearted, forgotten and the misunderstood. They are angels with broken wings that only fly when loved.


Shannon L. Alder



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Japanese wisdom

❤️ 26 Japanese pearls of wisdom that will banish the misfortune from your life

The Japanese are known for their diligence, patience, love of beauty and order, and wisdom. Today we have selected a small part of the wealth of Japanese proverbs.

  • All things are difficult before they become easy.
  • Don’t hold back what goes away; do not pursue what is to come.
  • Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Better to Light a Candle Than to Curse the Darkness
    Why Worry – Irish wisdom
    This is a great example of the wealth of Irish wisdom! Enjoy and… don’t worry!   In life, there are
  • A friend to all is a friend to none.
  • One smile can erase a million worries.
  • Failure is the mother of success.
  • He who wants to rise will figure out how to build a ladder.
  • Husband and wife should be like the hand and the eye: when one’s hand is injured, the eye cries; when the eye cries, the hand wipes away his tears.
  • The sun does not know who is right and who is not. It shines without intention and gives its warmth to everyone.
  • Even if the sword is needed only once in a lifetime, it must be carried all the time.
  • Always make way for fools and lunatics.
  • If you want to be happy for an hour – take a nap. If you want to be happy all your life – help someone.
  • Happiness always comes into a house with laughter.
  • One kind word can warm three winter months.
  • Consider the facts seven times before you suspect someone.
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  • Say what you have to say… tomorrow.
  • The beginning is easy – Continuing is hard.
  • Sometimes to retreat is to win



types of people

❤️ Nobody crosses our path by chance

Is it predetermined who we will meet?

Or do people appear chaotically in our lives? Are our paths intertwined by chance? And how do people get into our vibrational field?

Everyone continually meets new people, communicates, exchanges energy. Every single person who enters our lives does not come by coincidence. He brings us a message. Some people stay with us for long; others are a tiny part of our life. There are also those that we meet only for a moment or, literally, a glimpse and others to whom we assign a much more significant role. No one crosses our path by chance, but we also do not go into someone’s life by chance. How is it that certain people enter our life and leave deep traces? Even wounds and scars.

There are three types of people whom we meet along the path:

The first type are those who hurt us,

the people who push us to fall, stumble, sabotage, stab us in the back, betray, trample and crush our self-esteem and self-worth, even humiliate us. These people have a vital role in our lives. These are the ones who wake us up, sober us up, make us stronger, force us to improve through the pain they cause us.

The second type of people are the ones who lend us a hand

when we need it. They help us get up when we’re down. They inspire us and give us new faith in ourselves. They remind us how much power we have.

The third type of people is those who elevate us and help us fly.

They give us the strength to spread our wings and fly. People-lights! Inspiring people! It so happens that the “wrong” people and things lead you to the right people and things!

❤️ Happy things happen to happy people
I have always thought that being happy and well-meaning in today’s world is not good for yourself. That most

Each of the three types crosses our path depending on where we are and the vibrational signals we emit.
In other words:

You are the one who attracts every person in your life.

No one can come into your life without you inviting him with your vibrations and attitude. Especially when you meet people of the first type, it is essential always to ask yourself a fundamental question:

❤️ Louise Hay List of Symptoms and Affirmations to cure
 “I am healthy, whole, and complete.” As you look through the following list taken from Louis Hay’

What do I have to learn from this person? What does he come to teach me?

Some types of people pass through your life to teach you patience, others to be tolerant, others to trust, to be Grateful, persistent, consistent, to stand up for your boundaries, to believe in you, to step on yourself, to stay true to yourself, to don’t stop evolving.

Every single person you interact with, being part of your life, comes with a mission.

To be your teacher, to guide you and develop you. Some provoke us to wake up and arouse when we are down to deal with the pain. And they remain in our lives until we learn the lesson they have come to teach us. When we understand the lesson, miraculously, they either change or disappear. Therefore, when you start to change, different people get in your way.

You “lose” someone with whom you are no longer on the same frequency, but you find others with whom you have a common language. It is easy and pleasant to communicate with them – as if you are communicating telepathically. And if more and more people of the second and third type intersect your path, if truly gorgeous people give you their time and energy, you can congratulate yourself. They remind you that you are on your way.

The lower the soul of a person, the higher the nose up.
Eleven inspiring thoughts about life, Love, friendship, optimism, enjoy reading them. “All the

The more you hone your inner self,

the more you vibrate with your thoughts, actions, and beliefs in the high-frequency register, the less you will invite tormentors into your life. And they will increasingly free up space for people-healers and people-inspirers.

Rumi said, “The wound is where the light enters you.”

Could you truly appreciate pure and real people,

if you have not previously experienced the frustration of communication with the other types. Everyone is your teacher. Everyone has something to teach you. Everyone has a unique place in the fabric of your life. No one enters your life by accident. Be Grateful for every lesson, for every touch, for every teacher.