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❤️ Nobody crosses our path by chance

Is it predetermined who we will meet?

Or do people appear chaotically in our lives? Are our paths intertwined by chance? And how do people get into our vibrational field?

Everyone continually meets new people, communicates, exchanges energy. Every single person who enters our lives does not come by coincidence. He brings us a message. Some people stay with us for long; others are a tiny part of our life. There are also those that we meet only for a moment or, literally, a glimpse and others to whom we assign a much more significant role. No one crosses our path by chance, but we also do not go into someone’s life by chance. How is it that certain people enter our life and leave deep traces? Even wounds and scars.

There are three types of people whom we meet along the path:

The first type are those who hurt us,

the people who push us to fall, stumble, sabotage, stab us in the back, betray, trample and crush our self-esteem and self-worth, even humiliate us. These people have a vital role in our lives. These are the ones who wake us up, sober us up, make us stronger, force us to improve through the pain they cause us.

The second type of people are the ones who lend us a hand

when we need it. They help us get up when we’re down. They inspire us and give us new faith in ourselves. They remind us how much power we have.

The third type of people is those who elevate us and help us fly.

They give us the strength to spread our wings and fly. People-lights! Inspiring people! It so happens that the “wrong” people and things lead you to the right people and things!

❤️ Happy things happen to happy people
I have always thought that being happy and well-meaning in today’s world is not good for yourself. That most

Each of the three types crosses our path depending on where we are and the vibrational signals we emit.
In other words:

You are the one who attracts every person in your life.

No one can come into your life without you inviting him with your vibrations and attitude. Especially when you meet people of the first type, it is essential always to ask yourself a fundamental question:

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What do I have to learn from this person? What does he come to teach me?

Some types of people pass through your life to teach you patience, others to be tolerant, others to trust, to be Grateful, persistent, consistent, to stand up for your boundaries, to believe in you, to step on yourself, to stay true to yourself, to don’t stop evolving.

Every single person you interact with, being part of your life, comes with a mission.

To be your teacher, to guide you and develop you. Some provoke us to wake up and arouse when we are down to deal with the pain. And they remain in our lives until we learn the lesson they have come to teach us. When we understand the lesson, miraculously, they either change or disappear. Therefore, when you start to change, different people get in your way.

You “lose” someone with whom you are no longer on the same frequency, but you find others with whom you have a common language. It is easy and pleasant to communicate with them – as if you are communicating telepathically. And if more and more people of the second and third type intersect your path, if truly gorgeous people give you their time and energy, you can congratulate yourself. They remind you that you are on your way.

The lower the soul of a person, the higher the nose up.
Eleven inspiring thoughts about life, Love, friendship, optimism, enjoy reading them. “All the

The more you hone your inner self,

the more you vibrate with your thoughts, actions, and beliefs in the high-frequency register, the less you will invite tormentors into your life. And they will increasingly free up space for people-healers and people-inspirers.

Rumi said, “The wound is where the light enters you.”

Could you truly appreciate pure and real people,

if you have not previously experienced the frustration of communication with the other types. Everyone is your teacher. Everyone has something to teach you. Everyone has a unique place in the fabric of your life. No one enters your life by accident. Be Grateful for every lesson, for every touch, for every teacher.



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